Quarterback Rankings Best to Worst!!!


Mid-Season Quarterback Ranking Time is here:

Here is my order - please reply and give my yours

  1. Anthony Calvilho- been most consistent despite bad West Coast trip. - B+ :thup:
  2. Ricky Ray- has single-handedly won a couple of games for the Esks. Imagine this team without him?? B+ :thup:
  3. Henry Burris- Has his bad moments but has the stats. ( B )
  4. Damien Durrant- up and comer with poise, and style. ( B-)
  5. Hamilton's duo- been effective enough but not ( C+)
  6. Buck, Jarious BC tandem- hot and cold - would not want to put money on either of them (C) :thdn:
  7. Argos - duo - cannot get into the end zone. (C-)
:thdn: 8. Winnipeg- a disaster - Bishop has a gun for an arm but .... ( F) :thdn: :oops: 8)

hehehe. your's look fine. Though I have to wonder if you used "Damien" instead of "Darrian" on purpose. :lol:

First 3 are easy but
4. porter or Glenn
5. Pickett young up and comer
6. Durrant - full props nice Win.
7 Jackson - played his best game as a Lion .
8 .Bishop - needs to learn Winnipeg offence

You are too quick BigU. Man I thought I would get away with it!!! :lol:

Geez, turkey, your Power Rankings and your QB Rankings actually look pretty good. I don't think you're hitting the sauce enough... :smiley:

Yea as of right now there's not much to argue about except who should be where from 4-8 maybe. Good rankings. I'm thinkin Jackson and BC move up by the end of the year.