Quarterback question.

Jarious looked strong and able to read the Bomber D okay but showed his inexperience with some ill advised toss ups(1 pick). Any word on Buck having a chance and stepping back in to try and earn his job back, or is JJ our man from here on out. Thanks for the info.

I hope they put Buck back in. I know people say ride the hot hand but there's four games left in the season and Buck should get some game action so he's not rusty.

JJ has looked ok in the past couple of weeks but seems to go into the $hitter after getting a lead.

I have been thinking the same thing myself. Jackson has made enormous strides the past few weeks but you wonder how long he would have to struggle to get pulled in favour of Pierce.

Jackson looked very shaky at the start of the 2nd half last night, including a brutal INT. But he settled down and put together a nice drive to restore a 2 TD lead.

I know Pierce has said he is still not 100 per cent and his shoulder might not be for the rest of the season. Perhaps this is weighing into Wally's decision making as well. I would think at some point in the next 2 weeks, Pierce will need some playing time. And we should also find out if Dickenson enters the mix as well.

I think they should split the two games with Edmonton and give each player a half in each to get back into rhythmn.

we aren’t winning because of jj playing, sure he is good at times but still inconsistent. the defence and special teams keeps us in games and at times i think its lady luck that has been on our side, bring back buck!!! he needs to get into action and be ready for the playoffs, and if something happens then we still got jj, who is doing a fine job anyhow, just needs more experience…

jj has found ways to win games but he is not as good as dd or bp so I think that they should all get a start and the playoff starter is determined based on that. Or hell, just throw in Gino Gidugli

I definitely don't think they should rely on JJ if they're going to win the Cup again. They've got Edmonton at home and then they go to Hamilton. Those should be two easy games, and they should start to break Pierce back in. JJ is a decent QB, but with him at the helm they have to rely on the running and the defence too much. I think Dave is done.

I have no comment .