Quarterback Predictions

Let’s have some fun guessing.
There are 3 quarter backs left that have proven last year they can start in the CFL with various levels of success. My top 3 , in no real order are.
Bethal-Thompson, Arbuckle, and Nichols.

Based on last year, Jennings , Franklin , Davis might make good backups elsewhere or back with their current teams.

There are 2 Teams that still haven’t locked up their starting QB situation ( Toronto, Ottawa) and a few teams that could be in the market for a solid back up.
How do you think it will all play out?
I think Arbuckle to Ottawa, Nichols to Toronto and Bethal-Thompson and Jennings will end up signing as backups ( not sure where).

Grover’s speculation that Nichols and Lapo might reunite makes sense to me, putting him in Ottawa, and then Arbuckle to Toronto. Bethel-Thompson may be the odd man out, as I don’t see him wanting to again be back-up on an under performing team. He may roll the dice and follow Nichols and Lapo to Ottawa, putting Jennings in Toronto?

If Arbuckle passes on OTT and Nichols signs there, then suddenly his bargaining power drops as there is only one team with an open spot (TOR), and two candidates for that spot.

The decent thing for WPG to do would be to release Nichols so he at least has expanded options.

But teams need startingtwo quarterbacks now.

It would be interesting to see what Arbuckle will look like as a starting QB that is no longer working in the veteran structure of a CGY team under Hufnagal and Dave Dickenson

Because of Nichols being connected with LaPolice, and Arbuckle with Dinwiddie, I agree that Nichols to Ottawa and Arbuckle to Toronto makes sense.

Jennings and Franklin, I suspect their CFL careers are over (or should be).


Ex Pat, can you please post that the decent thing to do would be for the Ticats to re-sign Davis & Wynn? ;D

Last year due to so many injuries there was a lack of qb’s .
That enabled Evans, Arbuckle, Bethel-Thompson, Streveller , Collaros and vernon adams to show what they can do.
Now there are too many qbs
Arbuckle will be in Ottawa.They like Bethel Thompson in Toronto but I can see Toronto and Ottawa bringing in a 2knd qb each as those two are still relatively unproven.
Since Lapolice is in Ottawa I can see Nicholls going there or Toronto . Jennings might end up in Toronto or Edmonton or Montreal as a backup. Franklin and David could end up in Edmonton or montreal ad backups
Gut says
Arbucklle and Nicholls Ottawa
Bethal Thompson and Jennings Argos
Adams and Davis Mtl
Franklin and Harris in Edm
Collaros and Streveller in Wpg

Cant imagine anyone winning without it.

Ah the cfl offseason - musical chair qb shuffle.

Ottawa will try their damnedest to sign Arbuckle but I agree with many of you and say he likely holds out for the Argos offer. Leaves door open for Nichols in Ottawa.

Bethel-Thompson is the interesting one - he could be seen as a capable backup presence for teams like Wpg or Ottawa if their qbs have history of injuries.

Pipkin or Shiltz from Mtl likely to move on

Neither is a free agent - ball is in the team’s court

From what I have seenBethel-Thompson can play, just say’n

Might as well throw my 2 cents in here for what it’s worth . Anyways here goes…

Toronto signs Arbuckle and ends up re-signing Bethel-Thompson as Fatty’s back-up .
Ottawa signs Nichols as their starter and one of either Pipkin or Shiltz as their back-up .
Winnipeg re-signs Streveler after a failed attempt at trying to catch on in the NFL comes up empty for him .

As for Jennings , Franklin and Davis ?

Franklin heads back to Edmonton to back-up Harris

Jennings winds up in Montreal as Adams back-up after they cut ties with both Pipkin and Shiltz .

Davis winds up working the drive thru window at the local McDonalds .

As for the rest aka Kilgore , Watford , Cozart , Bridge ?

The only one of them who sticks and gets signed is Cozart who winds up re-signing in Calgary to replace Arbuckle as Bo Levi’s back-up .

Kilgore , Watford and Bridge all go unsigned and wind up in QB Purgatory . All will be waiting by the phone for a call as an opening mid season emergency injury replacement much like last year .

Okay , that’s it , I think I factored everybody into the equation without missing anybody of note and covered pretty much every team . Only thing left to do is to sit back and let the dominoes start falling to see how close (or most likely not ) my predictions are to panning out . ???

I predict Adams will extend in MTL. Nice raise!

Alouettes pay QB Vernon Adams Jr. nearly $1.5 million

...Maciocia negotiated a contract worth $415,000 in hard money — after already collecting a $20,000 roster bonus on January 1, Adams Jr.’s compensation rises to $435,000 — for the 2020 season.Adams Jr. earned approximately $150,000 in 2019.

Originally Adams was scheduled to make $128,500 in hard money for the upcoming season plus a bunch of available playtime and performance-based incentives for additional cash.There are two more years on the deal where Adams Jr.’s total take home rises even higher.

For signing on the dotted line Adams Jr. received $165,000 and could max out at $471,000 for the current year. The hard money for the 2021 campaign is $445,000 and has the ability to total $481,000 while 2022 checks in at $460,000 in hard money with $514,000 highly possible.

Only one correction. Streveler won’t be back with Winnipeg. The Bombers can only pay him peanuts
after they blow their wad on Collaros. He will either stick with a PR down south or be a backup
with another team who can afford him.(i.e.Ottawa,Edmonton)

You are correct sir. They must have extended one or both during the season.

Thanks bobo, snarfed my coffee! ;D

Always a pleasure Grover ! ;D

Poor guy is still over throwing everything in sight . ;D

Davis and Jennings were both in a crappy system. Even Reilly couldn’t perform and elevate a dysfunctional team in BC.

Both Davis and Jennings have the tools to turn their careers around if given an opportunity in a competent organization.

Agree - a good qb coach and/ or offensive co-ordinator might do wonders for these guys. LaPolice would have some history with Davis from Winnipeg and could keep him around. Jennings seems to have lost his confidence though after the one big season in BC. A team with an inexperienced backup (Wpg) or training camp injury could bring him in. If Logan Kilgore got another chance, no reason he couldn’t.