Like the Head Coaching movements we're heading for I believe that there will be alot of movement in the starting QB's in our league. I think that even if the Lions win the Cup there will be changes. I think Burris,Ray and Joseph are returning as starters. If Winnipeg fail miserable in the final stretch and in the playoffs then Glenn will be gone. Calvillo may be back but I wouldn't bet the farm on him staying in Montreal. Maas could be moved and If the Argo's win the Cup I believe Allen may hang it up. We have some very good backup QB's in our league who are ready to take charge of their own Team. A lot of major movement is on the way. Any Thoughts?

Calvillo is not going anywhere. He will finish out his career in Montreal

My predictions...Either Pierce or Dickenson will be somewhere else next year. Allen will retire. Glenn will lose his starting job if he fails to perform down the stretch this season. Maas will get a chance early next season, but may lose his job if he continues to perform poorly. Joseph, Ray, Calivllo, and Burris stay.

I just heard minutes ago that BC may be trying to lockup Pierce to a long term contract. Very smart on their part! If it happens I can see Dickenson being moved for sure. I tend to agree with you ro1313 but it's just a hunch I have about Calvillo. I'am certainly not saying he's a bad QB, far from it but he's the one who may want a change of scenery if the Al's fail to at least get to the Cup

Now that Mathiews is gone!
Maybe the Als wil dump Greene

I would normally think Allen would retire, except for one thing: the Grey Cup is in Toronto next year. Don't you think he'd want to try and win the big one at home in his final season?

I would expect that they will, and maybe Brady as well. Neither of them have shown that they can be a capable back-up.

I would like to see the Ticats get Dave Dickenson.

...News from the Lions that Bucky is going to sign a nice contract.....spells the end of D.D. in Van....unless he wants to remain a back-up to the KID....and i don't see that happening....HELLO ...T.O...WPG...get ready for a bidding war...... :rockin: :rockin:

yah, I think Ray will stay...it's just everyone else on that team who are going lol.

…i dunno’ …dancing Danny said he’d like Wicky Way as his man in the closing stages of a tight game…seems to me he fumbled away two games…including the one today… in that exact role …Maybe Danny isn’t such a great judge of the way a team should finish a game…But i agree the Esks. will definitely keep Ricky…but i don’t know about Danny////??? :roll: :roll:

But he did lead the team to victory during the labour day rematch, and the game vs. sask. last week under similar circumstances (when he had 2 mins. or less and needed a TD). Over the past month or so he’s basically “2 for 4” on completing game winning drives within the last 2 mins. of the game.

Let's Not Forget About Two Guys That Are Flying Under The Radar. Printers And Palmer, Printers Should Be Coming Back From His Failed nFL Tryout At Best In Mid '07. Palmer Should Be Coming Up The Ranks Of Montreal's System, I'd Guess That By The End Of The Season We Should See Him In A Backup Role. And Should Popp Want To Get Rid Of AC (As Stupid As That Would Be) He'd Have An Impecable Replacement.

Another Guy Who Should Be Filling Next Year Would Be Jay Barker. For Those Of You Who Don't Remember Him He Was A Fantastic Backup For The Argos Until He Wasted His Talents Trying His Luck With The XFL. I Personally Think That Teams Should Be Trying To Track Him Down. I Imagin He's On Some nFL's Practice Roster But He Could've Had A Great Career If He'd Have Come Back Up North After The Folding Of The XFL.


Ricky Ray can be so good, but sometimes he can be so poor. At the beginning of the season, he was doing badly mainly because the O line wasn’t giving him any time. Now his biggest problem is the way he carries the ball: like a loaf of bread. He doesn’t protect it. He needs to carry a baby around for a few sleepless nights to learn how it’s supposed to be done.

Ricky won’t be going anywhere soon. Nealon Greene, on the other hand, will be squeegying windshields at red lights in Montreal come November. Dave Dickenson will be on the TSN Friday Night Football panel next year. He’s had too many hits to the noggin to play reliably.

Jay Barker was a good qb, now that's funny. Maybe edmonton will bring back Kerwin Bell. He was a good qb too. I also would bring back kevin feterik. he is good in the locker room.:slight_smile:

Damon has already gone on record saying, he is not goin to retire until sometime after the '07 grey cup in toronto.

I hear that Jeff Bentrim will be back from his fishing trip any day now....
While I was surprised no one was interested in Jay Barker at the time, I would be astonished if anyone was interested in him now...that was 7 years ago, dude...he and Nealon came into the league the same year.

Anyway, the Dickenson/Pierce situation is about the only QB situation in doubt.
I don't see any other team with a new starter next year.
Most of them are under contract (for example, Glenn just signed a 3 year deal, for the Bomber fans who, for some bizarre reason want to abandon one of the best young QBs in the league).
joseph is under contract to the Riders for 3 or 4 years.
Allan could always retire, no matter what he has said, but maybe he'll play til he's 50.
But DD might be done. Or maybe BC will trade him.
But if they can, BC will likely keep both.
If they won the Cup this year, that might impact the decision making process in BC.
And if Printers is pried loose from the practice roster, teams will take a look--he of course would be a free agent after this year.
But he is in a good situation in KC as both Huard and Green are ancient.
Jesse Palmer in simply an unproven commodity, so who cares.

Well I Better Rebuttle And Defend My Comment And Jay Barker’s Reputation In The Process. He’s An nFL Defunk, Picked 5th Round By Green Bay. He Started 1998’s Full Season For The Argos And Had His Role Cut Short In 2000 By An Injury. He Stoch Piled 3 433 Yards In That Time. Also Keep In Mind That '98 (The Year Barker Was The Argos Starter) The Team Went 9-9 And Made The Playoffs, Something They Failed To Do The Three Season’s Surruonding That Year With Kerwin Bell At The Helm.

Right Now He Would Be 35, Not A Bad Age For Playing Football. That Being Said In Researching My Rebuttle I Found Out That In Fact He Did Spend Some Time With New England (On The Practice Roster, I Imagin). And While He Would Be In The Prime Of His Career If He Stuck With It, Sadly He Did Not. Currently He Is Working As An Anouncer With A Radio Station In His Home Town Of Burmingham For JOX’s Morning Show.

First, it'll be easier to take your comments seriously if you don't capitalize every word...
Next, I basically indicated I thought Barker was okay at the time, but I didn't know he was already 27 years old...nobody wants a 35 year old QB who hasn't played in years. 35 is not the prime of your career, it is near the end.

But I guess lots of people have there pet, "might-have-beens".
We have a couple of Riders fans who can't resist calling in to the local talk shows 3 or 4 times a year and lambast the Riders for letting Steve Sarkasian go.
And then they prove their point by telling us what a good coach he is...not sure why being a good coach proves he would have been a good QB, but....anyway, Steve is younger than Barker...maybe he will make a comeback as well...where is Larry Dyck? Maybe his knee has healed?

Rumour has it Pierce will sign long term. Dickenson will sign a 1 year deal. Dickenson will start and / or share with Pierce in 2007, and Pierce will be the starter in 2008, Dickenson will retire.

If Winnipeg doewsn't get rid of Glenn for 2007 then Taman will just prove again he doesn't have a clue as GM.