Quarterback James Franklin retires from CFL

REGINA — James Franklin has retired from the CFL, the Saskatchewan Roughriders announced on Friday.

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Another veteran player retires - much said there as this process just drags and drags ...

He really had no career to call him a veteran. Its great that he is out of Sask,Jason Maas had this twisted idea that he could unseat Fajardo,yes he did. I realize Maas not HC,but he wanted Franklin to somehow be the starter.Already suggested last year that Franklin would grasp the Maas Offense ahead of Cody. There was zero reason to fire former OC

I was hoping this guy takes fojaja job. We saw time after time a qb has first good year but doesnt have the same success i know cody will be the same

Franklin was an over-hyped bust.

Parlayed a decent backup showing in Edmonton into the starter's gig in Toronto, and then promptly fell flat on his face.

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I hope your post football career is much better than your CFL career. I really think you made the right decision James Franklin ! :football: :rofl:James Franklin

Gee, Sounds like the same resume Arbuckle has for TOR

And it may very well turn out that way; time will tell.


Franklin was a bust no doubt. It's one thing to have like an 11 - 1 record as a backup to Mike Reilly while in Edmonton; but it clearly showed when he came to Toronto that he was just flat out awful. The interceptions, forcing the ball, and making bad reads in general, made him look like a rookie that was lost when playing pro football.

It's a shame it did not work out for him in Toronto. But sometimes that's the way pro football is.

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My point above, missed by many based on a lot of haterade for Franklin apparently and I get it if you are a fan of the Argos, is that he remains yet another perfectly capable player who has retired given the uncertainty of the situation.

Some of you all must have missed the announcements by all the others. Franklin is one of many names in this undesired parade of capable and seasoned players who have been starters.

If the CFL returns in some capacity, we are going to have a high number of "next men up" who don't know the game as one can only learn via experience in the starting offensive and defensive positions or as a second teamer.

It's a ways ahead and it will be a miracle of sorts enough to have our game back at all, but that's where I stop expecting miracles though I am not so sure many fans will be understanding at such point given the layover that it looks like will be almost two years since the last regular season game.

Won't be missed. Good luck in your life as a civilian

I used to call him "Super Flake" . He always looked to me like he was half baked. Like he just smoked a big fatty or two before playing . Maybe it was just me but it seemed like he had a real " I don't really give a shit about football" attitude and demeanor whenever I saw him interviewed or on the sidelines during a game . :woozy_face: :pensive: :laughing:

This should really read as The CFL retires from James Franklin. Methinks he was given a chance, but he just blew them all.

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Franklin was a bust in the CFL. We talk about pro players like they're garbage. I often wonder if 1 out of 13 responders really knows what it's like to be a Little League QB. Then high school, college, and the pros. Franklin was successful at every level. Ricky Ray was great at each level. There is the difference. Franklin was exceptional until the CFL. Don't knock they guy. Most couldn't fold his jersey.


All these guys were career backups until they got the proper opportunity at the right time.

Trev Harris
Matt Nichols
Vernon Adams


I played Junior Hockey. In each level I went through, there were growing pains for a few games. The game slowed down for me the more ice time I got. My coaches were impressed that they only had to instruct me once and a I got handle of the position and speed level. I never made the NHL, but I played against guys that did. You have to have Hockey/Playing smarts to succeed in every level.

Franklin didn't have a Football senses. He got by with pure physical ability alone. He was able to mask his poor habits. It caught up to him

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The cynic in me wonders whether this truly is a "retirement" or if he is desperately hoping for a shot at the Spring League or one last chance at an NFL training camp, in which case still being under contract with Sask. would complicate matters.

Franklin seems a good example of a player who just couldn't quite make the step up in class from top college to pro level. If he was a soccer player, you could see him as the kind of player who had one big move to a major league but couldn't cut it, yet would end up with a long and reasonably well-paid career in somewhere like Eastern Europe or South-East Asia.

Unfortunately for him of course, those multiple tiers of the pro game simply don't exist in football.


A Goodbye note from James Franklin

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