Quarterback injuries

Just a quick question. Are CFL quarterbacks getting injured more in recent years?
If so, does it have anything to do with the Canadian game? Is it the same in the NFL?

Ok, three quick questions.

I have no idea on this one. Help me out guys.

I don't have any stats but the NFL also has had a number of injuries . Without any stats I can't give any clear indication which game is more precarious for the QB position .

They both try to protect the passer with rules .

They both seem to have trouble but when you see Brady for so long and so successful you do wonder .

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Last season was crazy. This year the injuries are starting to rise. Probably coincidence. Seems to me to be higher percentage up here though.




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I think one of the problems is weak O-lines, if a QB in the CFL doesn't have a quick release he's in trouble

And a lot of the problem with weak o-lines stems from the same place as the terrible tackling we've seen in recent years... the ban on full-contact practices.


There have always been QB injuries and there have always been serious QB injuries that affect the standings significantly.

It was never worse than the 80s though. I also think that most backups are much more competent than they were years ago so when there is a QB injury it's not so drastic of a hit to the offense. Look at Watford and Harker the other day. They didn't suck bag. They made reads and threw the ball, didn't turn it over. Then look all the heaps of praise for Rourke and Maier. It's not like Dunigan goes down and Sammy Garza has to play, or McManus is out and it's Cody Ledbetter time.

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Some of the increase has to do with the fact that people are actually getting checked out for concussions now. 10 years ago, someone who got hit in the head would go off the field, and then come back in 5 minutes later. This is probably a good thing, even if it degrades the quality of play a bit.


I wondered if that could be a possibility.

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Good point. Last season was unlike any other for quality backups. The next generation of pivots arrived with a bang. I think it will be remembered for that for years.

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Could be. Every quarterback that started the season suffered some sort of injury last year. Reilly was one of the last to start looking the worse for wear... which was a real surprise. He took an awful beating behind that brutally bad O-line in BC.

On the plus side we got to see lots of new talent take over behind centre with some amazing results. Think of it as 'destructive creativity' or, 'promotion through attrition'.

One thing that should come out of this situation is an urgency to give the backups some playing time. Last weekend's missed opportunity by BC against Ottawa made no sense to me. The Lions were up 4 TD's in the forth quarter and Reilly stayed in 'til the bitter end. When will we learn? :grimacing:

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Right? I thought the same when Montreal played Ottawa. They only put Schlitz in for a couple of plays. It’s not just about getting valuable reps for the backup, but keeping your #1guy rested and off the injured list.


Oh yeah. Keeping Collaros out of the infirmary ought to be more of a priority with us. I'd like to see McGuire take more snaps in the middle of the game like Streveler did last season (2019). From the few balls he's thrown it looks like McGuire has a better deep ball than Streveler. I'd definitely take Collaros out of harm's way if we had a big lead in the fourth quarter. :face_with_monocle:


Elk QB Trevor Harris just got put on the 6 game
Tough year on QB's