Quarterback Depth

Personally I thought the Bombers had the ideal combo with Nichols and Glenn but they screwed that up and gave the most hated rival a quarterback who played a big part in their 2017 success.

Old Glenny prolly didn't wanna take a paycut from $240k and Nichols wanted near CFL MAX (around $475k) so that didn't leave room for the mopes and miscreants who fill out the roster. Davis & LaFever are prolly +/- 10% of the $100k mark.

LaFever has physical power but his arm is almost as twisted and gnarled as Durants.
DD Davis has got the size and speed but his brain and accuracy are now severely questionable.

I think they'll keep one of the 2 guys and try to find another guy who's capable of sustaining drives when Nichols is on the bench. Willy's PTSD kinda rules him out - he's also a very immobile 6'4" guy - but if he gets time and gets treatment for the PTSD he could probably be serviceable (at $110k-$120k)

.....Please.....no Willy...The guy looked like he lost what little he had in his last outing with the Als.....Sorry ..nada on Drew....I think Davis will be released...had his shot and stunk the joint out...We're a contender now and we need a solid no 2 ...I would like to see Lefevour stick around for those automatic short yardage plays ..What we do need is a guy who can carry this team with his smarts and his arm....Durant....maybe?? He might still have enough BUT not at the chunk of dough he is currently getting...IF the riders sign Collaros orrrrr take a chance on Manziel does that leave Brandon Bridge out in the cold or Glenn....Could we bring back 'suitcase' Glenn for a third run???? as a no 2....Maybe too much money for any of these guys and we bring in another 'Jim Van Pelt find'...Will be interesting to say the least???We're that close to a Cup appearance and we can't afford any dumb moves..

Runs with the same moose like grace.

Looking forward to see what happens.

Nichols was actually pretty gracious to the bombers. Prolly could have racked up The Duck Dynasty (Wadzilla, Gomer Kyle, O'Stoic) for $550k as he had them by their gonads - they wouldn't dare have gone to war with a no-arm like LaFever and a no-mind like Davis . . . . . could easily have blown up the good ship Revenue with a 0-18 or 1-17 season!

Poor planning, feeble scouting and the like are all classic hallmarks of the bomber organization.

Easy acceptance by the vast majority of fans is what enables these mopes, NO QUESTION.

Disagree on Nichols being able to get more money. His bargaining position included recently having been traded for a 7th round pick.

Sad to see the Bombers failed badly when it came to backup QBs - again!

Dom Davis is basically an untrained hobo who spent 3 years on our roster - when he had to step up - he stepped back! UNACCEPTABLE!

Dan LaFever is who he is. A good 3rd down plunger, good mobility and size that helps a couple plays a game max - but his arm is either weak or damaged and his pop gun can't throw with any velocity and accuracy past approx. 12 yards.

LaFever might be worth slightly more than league minimum - Davis should have been paying the team for all he contributed. Holds a mean clipboard though!

Please say it isn't so.

KG woulda been a good fit in Winnipeg. He's a 39 yr old mope - but he's a super-mope. Certainly if Nichols goes down, Glenn might be able to salvage the odd victory over a lower-tier team. Mopes like Dum Davis and LaFever couldn't win for losing.

Another great non-move for the palace guard.

Did the Bombers even know he was available?

I don't think the Bombers knew anything. O'Shea was attending the International Smirk Festival in Ireland and Walters was at a retreat celebrating The Life & Times of Gomer Pyle. Wadzilla don't never get involved with player issues!

LOL....this inactive group aware...they get into the game after the train has left the station.... As well, I don't know if we are interested at all in Durant or if he's even available BUT I'm guessing if he is available, we'll most likely inquire after he signs elsewhere...We seem to be content to remain status quo...or at least that's what it appears...No wonder our key fa's are hummin' and hawin' about re-upping...Looks to be another also ran.

DD4 headed our way.

Great signing for the bombers - in terms of the tell on Dominque Davis & Steph Lafever . . . . both broke-down hobos (one with no arm & the other with no brain)

If Super Hobo Durant is better than both these guys combined - that tells you something about our scouting dept. (may as well call it a sluffing dept. when it comes to top level QBs)

O'Shea will glom onto Durant like a house on fire . . . . cuz that's what Mike O'Shea do!

But to everyone's chagrin Darian Durant can no longer hit the broad side of a barn door, he's extremely injury prone and refuses to run like the dickens cuz he knows he won't get much salary if he's out via injury!

Wadzilla's hope is that most bomber fans are dumber than farm animals and see Durant as a sexy signing! NOPE - 'bout the same as signing Eddy Haskell, Jr. (aka Drew Willy)

Now Bomber fans will know what it was like being a Rider fan was like up until last season. Screaming "@#$%, Durant!" every second play... :stuck_out_tongue:

Too much money to Nichols and not enough left to go around is the problem.

Don't expect Hurl to get much of a signing shower. Guys like that are exceptionally weak players and expose themselves and the better players on the field do to their inability to complete tasks - other than to get shoved around against their will (Hurl's specialty)

Feoli-Gawdawful at least this sluggish dude caught a few passes in open space, turning certain 15 yd gains into 9 yd gains!

I agree Joe - Schnozzola Durante prolly inhaled around $230 to $265 of our coin. . . with possible bonuses if he starts games (which would be a cruel joke on us fans)

I'm thinking Doubles got around $150K to $175K to be an insurance policy in Wpg.

OK, cuz Nichols is inhaling close to $450k I'll retract my earlier estimate on Durante - and agree more with you - - - - higher end of your estimate $165k to $180k plus living expenses (better quality 2BR apartment in south side of city near IGF, around $2k/mo. for the 7 to 8 months he's rostered! (plus a starters fee in the event he has to start some games)

Keep in mind the bombers also have to pay their turd stringer around $100k

It all comes down to the fan paying in the end. I can see where pro sports becomes less of a life focus for many.