Quarterback Dane Evans announces retirement

TORONTO — Quarterback Dane Evans announced his retirement from football on New Year’s Day. The five-year CFL veteran shared the news on his Instagram account.

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Sad news for Lions. They need a reliable backup for VA, whose play for a few games last year suffered because he was obsessing about being MOP. Evans had class, skill, maturity and a brass pair, all of which the Lions will desperately need next season.


Yeah the Lions arguably had the best one-two punch at QB last year and will now be looking for a reliable #2. This retirement was a bit of a surprise. The Bombers also had a pretty good one-two punch but it appears likely that someone (Ottawa?) will pay Brown more money and give him an opportunity to start. That leaves two top teams looking for a #2. Should be interesting to see how it plays out. At least there is lots of time left before free agency kicks in next month.


I want to wish Dane Evans all the best for his new future. I believe that for him he is making the right decision - in reality he was a great #2 QB, but his chances of being a #1 were not in the cards. I hope that he and his family do well.

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I guess I’m surprised/not surprised Evans is retiring.

Apparently McBeth is gung-ho to come back to the CFL. Elks are courting him but they’re not alone. I’m guessing Hamilton, Ottawa, Calgary AND the Riders SHOULD have some interest.

Hamilton would have the best shot IMO because it’s closest to home which seems to be a priority. Elks would be best guess if he is prepared to play in West as Jackson was in TO with him.

In any case, McBeth will no doubt be the 1st guy teams wanting a QB will look at. Ottawa will be carrying Masoli’s salary into August in all likelihood on IR but won’t count vs the CAP. Elks have to shed some of the $350K in bonuses due Jan 15 so, if he goes there, that would probably have to happen pretty quickly.

FA will be coming up fast & this is the month teams will be signing up a lot of their own. Fun times ahead.

Best of luck to Dane Evans and his post football career. :football: He carved out a nice 5 year career with the greatest show on turf :exclamation:

Note: One of the best Retirement tributes I have ever witnessed ! :100: :canada: :slightly_smiling_face:


Earlier, someone mentioned McBeth possibly going to Hamilton. As a Tiger Cat fan, I hope not! The guys is a bit of a whiner, plus my last memory of Thompson was him physically assaulting his coach on the sideline - franky, I think the guy is a bit of a goof and not a team leader. He got lucky and hot for a short period of time and he help the Argos win the GC - then he quit the team. Nope, not my kind of guy at all and the Cats don’t need him.

Slightly off topic but I don’t think you have to worry about MBT and Hamilton.