Quarterback Controversy

Kevin Glenn was brutal and cannot throw a spiral over 10 yards. That was awful.

Remind me again why Edmonton traded Ricky Ray for nothing?

Please explain to me where the controversy is?

Tillman thought he was getting older and they could get by without him. Tillman made the same bet with Kerry Joseph, and this time it didn't work out.

Tillman traded a proven quarterback with two Grey Cup victories for nothing. It is easy to see who the top tier QBs are in the league. Tillman is not stupid. Was that trade ordered by the CFL so TO could be in the GC? #smellsfishy.

and you write this now? oh my god

only to an idiot

Keving Glenn is a great back up QB but we now see the reason why Huff chose Tate over Glenn in the Playoffs. Glenn has had his chance to be a full time starter and did an good job at at times an avg job of it at time but was inconsistant over his whole body of work. Any team looking for a starter can not go backwards and sign Glen but must move forward and give a new young QB his chance.
Glenn will be a pretty big commodity for teams in the off season as I think Calgary made a great move to get him for this season as he did more than expected but they will be moving forward with Bo Mitchel at #2 and Brad Sinopoli will have a season were he can be a solid #3 get involved possibily as a holder get involved in short yardage possibily and take a good amount of snaps in the preseason as the #3 QB who has the job. Presesaon game One Mitchell plays the first half or somewher there abouts and Sinnopoli the 2nd half or somewhere there abouts.

I don't see Glenn back with Calgary, Levi will take over. His time is up.

I would have to agree with the rest of the posters here, Glenn will probably be traded in the off season and Calgary will go with Tate, Mitchell, and Sinopoli next year. Hopefully DD's playcalling will get better.

Not so sure, Tate may be the second coming of Buck Pierce. Having Glenn as a back-up is a good idea. Don't think Mitchell and Sinopoli are a solid enough 1/2 punch.

Bo Levi is very confident and Huf had put a lot of trust in him this season. How many true Rookies right out of the NCAA get the responsibilty to be the short yardage QB and was entrusted with a package of some trick type plays out of the short yardage formation and also was the teams holder. All this was done right out of camp before Tate got hurt and Glenn was the main back up. Most QBs in that position are lucky to even get the number 3 spot with most being on the Practice squad or hidden on the 9 game IR for at least the first season. He went right to Calgary and skipped over the NFL Rookie free agent signings and year in an NFL training camp and a possible practice roster spot. He wants to be in the CFL and Calgary wanted him.
I think as the season went on Calgary was glad they had Glenn but most likely knew that he would not be needed back with Mitchell catching on so quickly. With the season Glenn had he will be a fairly High sought after player for a team that needs an experienced back up. The Way that he conducted himself when Tate came back will go along way when the Stamps begin to shop him around

Stampeder 67 has an excellent point = Tate = Pierce regarding prone to injuries.
Tate is an excellent cheerleader though and I would consider him as Ralph the dog or as an alternate to rider Quicksix next season. :lol: :slight_smile:

Glenn will most likely be gone and the Stamps will have another tough decision to make next off-season if Ottawa is a go for 2014 as they will have 2 of the best young qbs in the country and the ability to only protect one.

Glenn is done! He isn't even an average QB!

based on what?

completion percentage?
Passer rating?