Quarterback controversy in T.O. is apparently over?


Bishop has been put on waivers to possibly trade him or release him…It didn’t look like these two would last the season together, kind of surprising it happened this fast though

That lasted 2 weeks less than I predicted.

You knew they could not co-exist.

This was inevitable.

I thought it would have lasted at least a few more weeks though, considering they did resign bishop after they traded for joseph...maybe bishop said something

My bet he is going possibly to Saskatchewan considering what is happening there. :cowboy:

There's no question in my mind that Bishop confronted coaching or managment re: his displeasure with the situation.
In a way I can't blame him...after all he had a good year last year. :cowboy:

Oh ya he is defently going to land on the praries.

waivers? is that a smart move...essentially they could get get nothing for him..I am not a Bishop booster, but I saw him do a stand up job last season. I figure he is at least tradebait, I know that the QB position is the most solid position in the league..if anything most teams are looking for a backup at best.

Crandell is slated to be off 2-3 weeks, hardly enough for Sask to pick up his salary against their already bolstered cap. I dunno that without a trade they can pull it off..

if i had to narrow things down to 3 teams. I would say Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and B.C

If i had to narrow things down to 2 teams. i would say Saskatchewan, and B.C.

the team i think Bishop will most likely end up with is.....B.C

Even if Bishop is chased out of town, it doesn’t mean the controversy is over. According to the papers, Stubler and some prominent Argo vets supported Bishop in this mess - the potential is there for a divided room. I hope.

I think it was obvious that Bishop was an easier move than Joesph, I have always been a big fan of Kerry Joesph and his style of play but with his contract and no need for QB's in the league he is a hard sell..

The Toronto Argonauts have placed quarterback Michael Bishop on waivers, according to TSN's CFL Insider Dave Naylor in a report on globesports.com.

The report says that speculation around the CFL is that the move was made as either an effort to gauge trade interest in Bishop or to possibly release him altogether

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=242981&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_cfl]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=242981& ... pStory_cfl[/url]

Bit late there bud.

Boy wouldn't we be sitting pretty with Printers starting and Bishop as number 2. know it won't happen since Bishop obviously wants to start but it would give us a great comfort zone.

No way...

thats crazy talk we have a young QB is reserve that has shown talent with Danny Mac workin with the QB's I expect to see some great improvement from the QB's especially Williams and Chang..Printers well any improvement is nice but he is doin well so far.

I kind of feel bad for the guy. He’s got a pretty good football histroy and waited all those years behind Allen and then once again he’s 2nd string behind Joseph. However, at 32 years of age, I would not like to see the Tiger-Cats put him at number 2 behind Printers at 27 years of age. I think the back-up or prospects should be up and comers like Williams and ???somebody???. (With Chang I think he is a bust and will never amount to anything in this league. Funny how some quarterbacks look amazing playing a system against a college population and we think they will automatically carry it over into the big league.)

Wow, I actually feel bad for Bishop. Like others have said... he waited all those years behind Allen. And then he actually did OK last year, and was probably set to do better this year. But now he's getting the broom, after all that loyalty?

It goes to show you what Argonaut football is all about.

It's difficult to even imagine the kind of insanity swirling around inside the Toronto Argonauts these days.

Truly pathetic.

Idiots (with the probable exception of Stubler and the probable inclusion of Clemons and Rita).

With the rumours that the guy makes roughly 250k per year, which teams have the cap space to actually sign him at that though?

Both BC's QB make roughly that and the Riders traded Joseph for cap reasons.

Didn't he go,like, 11-1 last year!
Pretty funny when a guy like that can't stick with the team.

What does Montreal have in the system...could see him going there (if they have any cap space) to take over from AC. Though, not sure Bishop is willing to wait around for a starters job.