Quarterback Contraversy?

The poll was interesting enough Tiger, but I’m sure we all know that any contraversey with the quarterbacks is driven primarily by the media and the fans.Here is my take:

Jason Maas has earned the right to enter camp as the #1 based on his performance during the regular season. Include with that his patience and perseverence while Ricky Ray was the #1 for a couple years. That said Eskimo fans demand playoff wins and until Maas proves that he can get through the playoffs and win the big one, his play and status as #1 will continue to be questioned.

Khari Jones was a #1 in Winnepeg with no real competition to speak of. He put up good numbers on a power packed offense and has won a league mvp. That alone gives him the undisputed #2 spot coming into camp and although Maciocia is saying that all jobs are up for grabs don’t be fooled. The #1 is Maas’s to lose and unless he plays himself out of there or is still nursing the shoulder come the start of the season that is the way it will be coming out of camp. I don’t believe that Khari Jones is the answer should Maas struggle, but he will get a chance to show what he can or can’t do.

Jason Johnson gets bumped to the #3 spot simply because he kept his mouth shut about what he should or shouldn’t get for playing time. He is happy to carry the clipboard right now and bide his time. I am interested to see what he shows this year in the 15 minutes of playing time that he will get.

Bart Hendricks comes in as the #4 now. He struggled when he had his chances and does not read defences that well. Combine that with the fact that he did not want to come back, but nobody else wanted him when he tested the free agent market here in Canada. I would not be surprised at all if the Esks release him at the end of camp, but I would expect he will get a short look see in pre season.

The Eskimos will begin the search anew for another guy to come in to replace Johnson or Jones as neither of them can unseat Maas when he is on his game.

I think that the “controversy” will erupt but not because Jones is going to be great but because Maas will not perform. I think that the EE receiving corps is not up to last year and unless someone comes out of the woodwork, no running game and a much weaker O-line. Maas can not throw for 5000 on his back. BTW Jones will not do anything either. He has always been overated IMO. Edmonton will struggle to make the playoffs and if they do it will only be because Calgary and Winnipeg are in even more serious trouble.

I agree that the O-line has been weakened. My thinking is that they are looking at moving Vaughn to Ottawa to either move up in the draft or pick up another Canadian on the O-line in trade. I’m not convinced that Hervey, Mitchell and Tucker cannot carry the load at reciever. At RB I don’t see how we can be any worse than last year. At least the guys that are left have some speed. The fact that we have not yet seen them sign a RB only tells me that they feel they can compete with either McLendon or White, maybe they plan to keep them both. As far as Jones goes, I was just being polite before. He didn’t impress me in Winnepeg and I’m not expecting much more here, but he will make the team as the #2.

I don’t agreee that we will struggle to make the playoffs, I think we will be in the thick of it for second in the division. I think we will see a lot of parody this year with all teams in the west except BC who will run away with first.

Rezone, do not give the cup to BC just yet. Many people forget that Lions had trouble beating the Stampeders last year. The Stampeders that had no offense. Why then can Edmonton, Winnipeg or Saskarchewan do the same. Is it that Calgary played good defense against BC I do not know but I will not give a team number one until they earn it. I am not saying they are not a good team I am saying that any team in the CFL west can take them. Just watch the Stamps game films!

True enough. I was a little surprised that Calgary didn’t do better last year under Matt Dunnigan. I guess it just goes to show that great quarterbacks don’t always make great coaches. I just remember what Ron Lancaster went through in his first season as a head coach. It was a disaster along the same lines as Dunnigan. Anyway getting back on topic, I agree with you. BC shouldn’t just get an automatic pass to the grey cup. I still feel that they are the strongest team in the west at this moment based on the strength of their quarterbacking. A lot of things can change over the course of a season. As far as why Calgary played them so tough? I think that Calgary’s defence was pretty good last year, they had a lot of pride and they stepped it up when it came time to play the team in first place.

This is what I say is that it is tough to be expected to be number one in the west or east because teams are hungry to knock you off your game. I believe if a team with very little offense can beat them what is stopping a team that has balance defense and offense. I would sooner be in the middle of the pack and be a sleeper then be projected to be number one. But I think you will see a lot different season this year with several suprises. IMO

Yes, I think there will be many suprises come this season. But at this point in time we are all in first place according to all us posters. On Sportsnet today they have a story out of BC and it does not look like it is going to be fun for Wally to sell the best quarterback will play routine. Mr. Printers is not buying. He wants BC to put up or shut up. Hmmm contaversy in the making stay tuned.

i heard KJ has been working extremely hard this offseason and is in extreme shape, and is looking at that starting position