Quarterback comments--Taaffe

Ken 'Jeepers Creepers' the Hamilton Spectator June 5th 2007

Charlie Taaffe "[Chang throws] an excellent ball."

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Thanks for that Ron.

An interesting but worthy of hearing comment by our GM at the bottom of the article. :wink:

I've been touting Chang as a CFL QB for 2 years now and am glad he's finally here. Too bad it's with the Cats though. However, his signing and that of McKay Loescher have made a quasi-Cats fan of me.

An Argo-Cat fan

We need to trade one of them to find a punishing middle linebacker. I believe that is our soft spot. Barrenechea gets himself run over way too often. We need somebody tempestuous with size and good mobility in that spot who can really bring the lumber. We’ve been getting killed by the opposing run game like a bad habit.

We already found him. His name is Zeke "and destroy" Moreno.

I have to Agree Zeke has Looked Good.
Chang throws a Bullet and heis Normaly On Target.