Quarterback Club Retro Gear

Just saw this retro Lions gear available. Looks good to me. I hope other teams get the same type of stuff.

Looks great.

Might be inclined to make a purchase for the right price.:+1:

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The design was created in 1968. There was an end-zone section at Empire Stadium (north end) called the Quarterback Club, complete with patches and discount tix for kids. Most years it was sponsored by Woodward's Department Stores. In 1968 though, it was sponsored by McDonald's. I own the patch (measuring 4"x 5") with this logo. Extremely rare.

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Cool! I had a great experience buying from the Lions' store, and I really like these items, especially the jacket.

I would wear the retro swag if I was a BC Lion fan. They look fearsome and, of course, the colours are great! Well done!