Quarterback Change.

I think it,s time that they keep Glenn in for the rest of the season! Porter is geting worse not better! We need Glenn,s Veteran experience for the Playoff drive!! :thup:

With our OC, it isn't going to matter who plays.

Yes it is, Glen's tiger-cats 28, Porters tiger-cats, 2 fumbles and no points.


Okay, 28 points in garbage time playing against a prevent defense.

7 points were from a defensive forced fumbled.

7 points were also from 2 15 yards penalties that kept the drive going. The second flag was after we were stuff for the second time on the 1 yard line.

And what did Porter accomplish? Nothing!


Okay, those weren't exactly sympathy penalties. Horse collar tackles are no joke, and Glenn got ripped down hard.

Whoever we have in there, and I am OK with it being Glenn at this point, even though I believe that writes off winning a Grey Cup this year, we need a new offensive co-ordinator OR new play calling. Our plays suck. It is so obvious at this point that the other teams have figured us out. This dink and dunk crap isn't going to cut it at week 14, you need to start out with a strong ground game and have the ability to go deep and straight down the middle when passing. Right now, we don't. All the other teams are in midseason form or better, and our guys are still playing like it's week 3. Marcel needs to change strategy.

Going into this game Porter’s QB rating was 78.1 vs Glenn’s 90.1.

Porter has 6 TD passes and 8 ints
Glenn has 14 TD passes and 6 ints.

Oh, I agree that Porter didn't do too much but Glenn wasn't a knight in shining armour when he came in. It took him 2 quarters to get the ball over mid field.

Look, I am not sold on eithef of these guys right now.

Glenn's points were against a prevent defense. We need to be honest about this.

Until we get a real OC and a kicker who can make more than 70%, we aren't going to show much promise. I can take our defense the way it is right now if our offense could move the ball.

That being said, our defense has just lost something over the past few weeks. We aren't getting pressure or turnovers like we were earlier in the season.

it does matter !!! OC has to go i Agree but with glen as a starter from this point ..Porter has just lost any mojo he ever had ...Hes done

Whats the worst thing that can happen to a quarterback? He loses his confidence.

Our offensive coaches have failed all aspect's of this Great Canadian Game ....

The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.
Joe Paterno

The only thing tonight's game proved was that it isn't the QB. Porter stunk then Glenn stunk until the game was in hand and Winnipeg stopped playing pressure defense. Realistically we could have any QB from the Hall of Fame and out offence would still suck

Disagree, even if Porter came in with a 31 point deficit. Do you really think he would put up a few tds. The way he`s playing. Not a chance. even in garbage time.

Glenn showed he’s not the answer tonight. Point is they both were terrible until garbage time because there is no chance to be good for either of them. Really who knows what Porter would do in garbage time? Really, who cares what anyone does in garbage time. Its meaningless

Ill tell you one thing. At least Glenn doesnt have a case of fumbleitis every game. Glenn is a lot more aware than Porter. I really believe that if Glenn started they wouldn`t have been off to such a horrible start! Right now Glenn is the better QB!

Right now George Hudson is as good a QB as either of them

Glenn fumbled tonight too

And was picked off.

The O coordinator has to be taken to task. This 5 yard deak and dunk crap has to go. We need to mix every thing up so we don't bring the same crap game after game. Either Gibson has to dumb it down for Porter and Glenn or Gibson just does not have the creative qualities that are necessary to succeed in Hamilton or in the CFL for that matter.

What bothers me the most is the lack of attendance at the game. I don't care about the lame excuses why people could not attend. I found a way to drive from Kitchener. What else that really *&^%$ me off is how ill prepared and how poorly the team played as a whole considering the consequences of loosing this game.

I sit 13 rows up from our bench - no emotion - no talking - just watching the other team kick our ass. This is not the way to connect with the fans and make a run for a playoff birth. The entire orginaization is a joke.

When?? If he did, I cant recall. I know that it didnt result in a turnover. As in Porters 2 fumbles.
Glenn didn`t exactly play lights out but lets face it, right now he is the better quarterback and gives us the best chance at winning.

Porter has had his opportunities, and comes out flat every first quarter for the last 4 or 5 games. It deflates the team and the defense when your behind by 2tds after the first quarter. I would let Glenn start the remainder of this seasons games. Maybe Porter can win the starting position next year.

No, George Hudson is a better quarter back than porter. In fact my mother is a better quarter back than Porter, Ha. 8)