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agree to disagree. Visiting your daughter’s school is part of the 60’s marketing ideas. Nothing innovative as I have said. I’m sure your daughter isn’t attending a minority only school either.

I’m not sure what a minority school is, but her school is a reflection of the city itself.Kids from every background


Ignoring these schools doesn’t help the Argos.

I follow the CFL as closely as I’m able to. I am very surprised that a team as good as the Argonauts is drawing out such low attendance compared to other CFL venues.
Currently Grey champions, leading the league, with an excellent offense. Fans like to be on the winning side. That cannot be the problem.
I’m wondering if it has to do with the fact that there are so many sports to choose from: Blue Jays, Leafs, MLS, Raptors. Did I miss any? That is a lot of competition.
Also, could there be a problem of overlapping at times? Vancouver occasionally runs into this problem when the Canucks are playing at the same time as the Lions.
It’s puzzling for sure.

The simple answer is the Argos have a lower profile in the city in large part to more teams in higher profile leagues. It started when the Jays arrived and have fallen further behind as more teams joined the city’s landscape (Raptors, TFC). Similar thing (actually worse) happened to the Marlboroughs and the OHL hasn’t been able to latch back in since.

There’s more to do of course but a lower profile will mean a lower season ticket base hence lower attendance even with a good team. It’s been inching up the past 2 years but Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Too much big league sports entertainment in Toronto,for sure, does not help the Argos.
And the Argos winning record and Grey Cup dont matter here: the Maple Leafs havent won a championship in 56 years, yet it is still the hardest ticket to find in the city.

Leaf fans have been conditioned to accept mediocrity as excellence despite their complaining about the Leafs.

Could be the same mindset if the NFL someday ever decides to set up shop in Toronto.


The fact that the CFL does so poorly is not the fault of sports fans in Toronto. Its the fault of the CFL. All the high flare owners like McNall, Braley, MLSE are just created short term spikes…but nothing sustainable.
First the Blue Jays ate Argos breakfast; then Raptors ate their lunch and then TFC had their dinner.
This stupid franchise inspite of all of the championships has never tried to market to new demographic fan base…still sticking to the 60s and 70s style.
If you look at fans of TFC and Raptors a lot of these folks don’t care for Hockey.
So Argos and CFL stop blaming people of Toronto for lacklustre attendence and do something to excite people to come to the games…the fact Ticat fans have to fill your stadium should be embarrassing.


I thought winning cures everything.

Where are the CFL and Argos blaming people of Toronto for lackluster attendance?

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Except in Toronto, where losing creates wait lists for season tix (see: Toronto Maple Leafs)

I never said CFL or Argos are blaming people; however on some CFL chats around the CFL people are surprised how Toronto fans continue supporting Leafs, losing franchise; over Argos - who win a championship every 5 years or so.


Some CFL fans say all sorts of crazy stuff. Ultimately though comparing the Leafs to any other team is a bit odd, the Leafs are kind of an anomaly in sports. They have so many corporate season ticket holders that they almost don’t need to market to fill the building. Corporations right off the tickets for a tax break and take clients to games leaving few tickets for the general public and making those tickets expensive. Great for business for MLSE but not the average fan. That cash cow though helps MLSE keep up the Argos so it’s a bit of a trade off.

There’s multiple reasons for the Argos attendance decline over the years and there isn’t a magic wand that fixes that otherwise MLSE would have implemented it already. Attendance is on the way up though by a decent percentage this season so hopefully that will continue but it will take time and only time will tell.

First of all it’s hockey, secondly it’s a major league (NHL). Unfortunately here in Toronto the CFL isn’t considered major league.

MLSE has a built in draw that would increase attendance immediately
Bring in a few Leafs to home games to sign autographs and meet young fans!
Kids birthday Parties, Moms and Dads, Grandma and Grandpa getting autographs and pictures
Maybe some Raptors too
Get people to the game and they just might like it

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Then some Argos fans will complain about that. MLSE has done some cross promotion with its other teams. Cross promotion is a fine line.

In my quote, my intention was to say Argo fans and CFL fans. So my bad.

Attendance has nothing to do with magic wand. MLSE has had control for multiple years …and supposeldly very smart…if they can’t fill a 20k stadium with a 3million poplulation …its incompetence.
Increase in attendance is marginal…sometimes there are more fans from visiting team then home team…should be embarrassing.



You’re entitled to your opinion.

That’s simply not true.

What part is opinion? MLSE is miserably failing at increasing attendance in any meaningful way. Poor TSN tries not to show the upper bowl as its usually empty…unlike most other stadiums in CFL where lower and upper bowls have attendance.

There have been more Rider fans than Argo fans and definitely ticats fans than Argo fans at games…you can tell by the cheers when opposing team scores.

If any other franchise had Argos current team …stadium would be packed…Toronto has trouble getting to 50% with a 3 million population.

MLSE needs to do more …cause this Argo team deserves better.

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