Quarterback Battles

I haven't heard much out of camp about how the quarterbacks are performing. Is anybody looking particularly impressive?

Really not much of a Battle ..

Printers 1
Willams 2

3 Porter vs Chang

Thank you OnKnight, LOL. I was hoping for a bit of a description as to how they are looking. But thank you for the confirmation.

I am hoping Porter is able to take the no 2 spot, or chang. Wiliams was ok last year, but just ok and I really think obie wants a backup who can come in and start consistenty if needed and get some wins. Obie likes his backups to be able to come in and not miss a beat. I like Richie but I am not sold on him as anything more than career backup in this league and I am hoping they find the no 2 guy we need who is a backup with us, but could start most other places.

Beet- How do you come to this evaluation? To tell you the truth, right now I have NO idea how good either Williams OR Chang happens to be. The team last year was a mess and the schemes didn't fit either of them, to be honest.

Then again, if Printers does well we may NEVER find out about either of them.

Beetlejuice, what's with you and the constant criticism of Richie Williams? Look at his numbers from last year. Don't get me wrong, he still has a lot to improve upon. He's probably not the next Warren Moon or Damon Allen, but I do believe he will have a long career in this league as a #1 QB. Considering he had idiot coaches last year, and a playbook geared toward Maas's style of play, he made the best of it, and in my opinion, was our best QB last year. I don't think he should replace Printers at #1 if Printers is better, though. But if I had to keep a QB for 3-5 years from now, Richie's my man.

I have to agree with Beet on this one. Obie loves his back ups. Go back to 1983, Condredge Holloway and Joe Barnes then fast foward to BC in 07, Dickenson, Jackson and Pierce, then rewind to 05 with Printers and Dickenson.

Like Beet, I don't know if Richie is the real deal. I don't trust his arm to tell you the truth. He played ok coming off the bench last year and is a back up. Will he ever be a starter in this league? I don't think so.

I think Chang will get cut or traded to Winterpeg and Porter will be #3. I hope Casey doesn't get hurt this year!

I do not believe that Williams will ever earn a #1 spot in the CFL other than through an injury.
He is a solid 3, OK 2 I hope for our sakes never having to be our #1.

Last year when the chips were down and they put in Williams he managed to put points on the board and kept drives going. Maybe he didnt get a TD every time but I saw great potential in the guy, he was a cool cat that didnt buckle under pressure. I dont think he even realized that when he went in the games he had 25 thousand plus pessimistic fans glaring at him. You cant teach that kind of coolness. He seems like a perfect fit for a CFL team the way he plays. As for him starting if Printers is unavailable, well, if the whole team is working together I dont see why he couldnt do a good job, but we would have to give him a chance, let him make some mistakes, you know, so he can learn, get better, just like the rest of us at everything we do at out jobs.
Out of curiosity, has anyone heard of Williams complaining?

Just my 2 cents worth on the quarterbacking situation. I went to the training camp for the past two days and was very impressed with everyone. (I don't know if it's because the team is so much better or if the ticat defence makes the offence look better than it is..LOL) But seriously, I think the team is really looking good. Training camp is well organized and being run very efficiently.
To the QB's. They all look good and comfortable out there. Printers certainly stands out, not so much for his abilities but his sense of leadership and a leadership presence that can't be denied.
In my opinion, Chang looked like the number 2 guy. He threw with confidence and hit his receivers more often than not.
Williams and Porter looked about equal but Williams threw two interceptions that I saw.
I'm not suggesting that Chang should be the number 2 guy but his performance during practise does help to explain how he came to be the number 2 guy last year. he looks very good at practise.
I think Williams is more of a freelancer in a game situation which made him so much more effective in game situations last year given the state of the O-line and the lack of offensive cohesion.
i think the coaches will have a very difficult time deciding on the 2,3,4 QBing situation. I would not write off Chang in any way.
In saying that, however, I think it will be Printers, Williams, Chang and Porter in that order. After last year, Williams deserves to be Number 2. It's his to lose. But with a new offensive approach this year, I would not be surprised to see Chang move back into the number two position.
In my opinion, it's too early to decide on Porter. Today's Black and Gold is a good first test.

How can any of you judge whether or not Wiliams can or be an efficient QB in the league. He has only played something like 4 games, and has peformed well in all of them, and proven he deserves a chance one day at starting somewhere, but we won't be able to judge until he plays an entire season. He has done enough to probably get an opportunity somewhere, but i'm not going to judge whether or not hes going to be a good #1 until his time comes. And I am glad if Casey goes down we can count on Richie to step in and take over.

right own Chris...Fans kill me with the judgement thing,..they seem to do alot of that in CFL... Fans are quick to throw their players under the bus....

I think if the Cats did not get Printers, Richie would be our starting QB and, if given the chance, I think we would all be very happy with Williams as the number one. He's exciting to watch and doesn't seem to be fazed by the pressure. If he stays as number 2, I would not be surprised to see him in more games than we think this year. Once Casey gets us a huge lead (something we have not experienced for the past 3-5 years) Richie will get the opportunity to step in and show his stuff... and I hope the coaches give him that chance.

I'm still worried about who they will be throwing to. Seems a little like last year... aside from Miles and a few backups...lots of prospects and little CFL experience.

I am not criticizing him and I think that being a career backup is a good thing and am proud of him. I just think that his potential is that, career backup and obie looks for a guy who can start on other teams cus qbs do go down. I dont expect williams to ever be a full time starter in this league.

because he is the holder for Setta.He can catch the ball and set it down with one hand,so smooth,like he's done it a million times.They don't always keep the 3 best QB's.Some guys just aren't content with being the backup.That may have been the case last year with Rocky Butler.Assuming that Casey is the no.1 QB,Chang is more valuable to the team than the other 2,therefore,I think the battle for the last Qb spot on the team,could be between Williams and Porter.

Thats what I meant earlier when I said that the third string qb usually is one that is young, eager to learn and cheap to pay. If they decide williams isnt the number 2 man and they did just give him a pay increase I think they might move him. He may want to go somewhere where he has a better chance of staying in the number 2 spot but if he is number three here, I think he will be moved. Its a step backwards for an at best backup qb.

Why would Williams be moved down to #3? He has done everything tight to be #2, and eventually a #1 somewhere. Williams has been very content and waited for his chance, which he finally got last year after waiting behind Jason Maas, Casey Printers and Timmy Chang and out performed them all. From what I have been hearing he has been the 2nd best QB in camp, good enought to earn the number 2 spot. And what is with the love of Chang and Porter? Last time I checked, Chang was a great holder, but couldn't play football, and Porter hasn't even played a down. Williams is my #2, and come the start of the season will be the Tiger-Cats to.

If Chang is your #2...you better buy Casey a suit of Armor!!!

You know, after reading about what many of the fans on this forum write about Chang, I'm surprised he was even brought back to camp this year. I mean why bother if he is as bad as everyone here says he is. I think many of us go in with preconceived ideas about how good or bad a particular player is and then go out of our way to justify that preconception every chance we get. I have gone to training camp for the past three days and paid particular attention to the QBs. I expected to be super impressed with Printers. I have not been. I expected Williams to be a solid number 2 and I don't think he has been. I hoped Chang would do well considering he got such a bum wrap last year but I had no great expectations. And Porter, I had no idea what to expect. But after watching two practises and the B&G game, I think Chang has looked the most consistent, Williams number 2, Printers number 3 and I guess Porter number 4. That's just my observation. I don't expect anything to change come opening day: It will most likely be Printers, Williams and Chang. Porter could very well beat Chang out for number 3, But, in my opinion, it won't be based on their performance at training camp.