Quarter back position

After such a dismal outing in a make or break game I hope the Winnipeg management have plans to pick up a new quarterback for the 2010 season. What a disappointment this year was.

This is not one of the areas of the team where you can say meh, maybe they'll improve next year. From this year the Bomber org. should have determined whether they have or need a starter for next year, somebody with potential worth keeping and maybe a guy or two to bring in for a look.

For sure I am biased , but putting that aside..... Are the Bombers in a position next year to groom a young guy? I mean when`s the last time it was done in the CFL, Can you just go with an unknown guy because you hope he might work in to a great CFL QB? Bombers can bring tons of guys in for looks, probably during training camp they will get a tingle up and down their spine over a couple guys that will never work out in the long run.

For instance Santos, people are excited about him because he got a couple first downs running the ball, had a couple tds from 3rd and 1 from the 1. Never seen him throw a pass, what are the odds that he will ever be a starter? The odds are bad against anybody they bring in. The CFL has never been known to bring in a rookie and name him starter, sure someone will say Ricky Ray? NFL is where they sign a guy and go with him through hell or high water, not often in the CFL. Can Mike Kelly and company have a rebuilding year, I say not likely, Kelly is on borrowed time, so he has to bring in a veteran or go with who he has.

Having said that, they may feel they have a young guy that can come in and just start, they are kidding themselves if they think so, however every coaching staff feels they have the guys to win it all in camp, and then reality sets in when they see true game action.

If the Bombers stand pat with their QB's, we can expect the same kind of 6 - 8 win season tops.

If the Bombers try to groom a young guy, 3 - 5 wins tops.

Which leaves acquiring a proven starter from another club, which is the option I think Kelly has to go to save his job, assuming he is still in charge next season.

I agree with you here pigseye.Grooming a young QB is a very painful experience that can take 2-3 years.But on the other hand, keep relying on Captain INT and you'll also be screwed.Your going to have to pry a good vet from a place like BC or Edmonton, or even SSK with Jyles.Mark my words though, they'll know your desperate and nail you to wood.Could end up costing you a starter, a backup and a couple good draft picks.Depends how far the Bomber Org. is willing to go to get a proper QB in.

I actually think if Kelly runs the offense he ran with Bishop this year using LeFors as his starter next year, instead of whatever garbage offense he tried to make LeFors run this year, we can "groom" a future starter and win at least seven or eight games.. if not more, as long as the running game and defense remain intact.

I don't have any real reason for that belief, but he's further ahead than some random guy from free agents or even a backup like Jyles. With Kelly still coaching, I'd expect LeFors to get another chance next year for sure.

If they put in a guy like Santos and try to groom him, well, we'll see what happens but I doubt we'd make the playoffs in a situation like that.

But I'd rather go 4-14 for a few years and end up with a quality starting quarterback that can lead us somewhere in the playoffs than keep throwing stopgaps in, finish 7-11 or 8-10, and either make the playoffs or lose in the first round.

CFL defences are just too good to try to fool them with smoke and mirrors (or jet packages or draw plays on second and long).

If Kelly doesn't get a decent starting QB and a decent OC, the media will gut him.

[quote=“15_championships”]I agree with you here pigseye.Grooming a young QB is a very painful experience that can take 2-3 years.

The thing is, you could groom a guy for 2-3 years, going 4-14, and still have nothing to show for your efforts after those years! I mean it`s not like you can just decide on a guy and expect him to be great just because you are “grooming him”

QB`s do not grow on trees, and they are not just something that you can make happen!

(I was going to actually say, great ones like Bishop only come along once in a lifetime) but that`s getting kind of old, so I will not say that here :lol:

Do you honestly think the Bombers are the only team who runs on 2nd and long? Every team did it this year to varying degrees of success.

So you guys ready for the playoff ?

Everyone excited ?

What's Calvillo's Grey Cup record again ?

Since he's been in the league, better than the Bomber :slight_smile:

What does any of this have to do with Winnipeg's QB situation? Take it elsewhere...

He wants to troll, he will get a response, that simple ! every time !

..... Starting Bomber quarterback in 2010 HAS to have CFL experience and have a credible track record....Bishop is a great reliever ,out of the 'bull pen' ,he is NOT the guy we want starting games continually...soooooo the search goes on...We have some decent looking young guns like Santos....Do we have a 'winner' at the position in that group??...only time will tell..HOWEVER patience is wearing thin with the locals,,,,the natives are getting a little more than restless ..We have to bring in ...most likely via trade....someone who has a measure of 'win-ability' about them...IF Bishop can't play second-fiddle to 'whomever' then i think it's best we part company....Bishop has proven time and time again that he lacks the ability to get it done in big games....Was it all his fault that we are on the sidelines?....certainly not...however he didn't exactly 'shine' in the Bombers final game of 09....Looking ahead ...I think Kelly better not make the same mistake and start off 2010 , lacking at the qb. spot...or it could be his undoing...He's definitely on the edge now...seeing a weakness at the most important position on the field again could take Mike over the edge and will not bode well for fans attendance ...Eyes will be focused very early on at the Bomber quarterback postion next season...The Bomber brass better come-up with something good or this franchise is going to be in for some 'rocky' days... :wink:

Maybe it's our turn, to run in to a diamond in the rough, we our over due !

well it looks like Bishop is back next year, Bombers need to get a starter release Lefores go after one of B.C.s QB's as they will have to unload someone next year, KJ will be somewhere else i bet next year that is another option, Keep Bishop for a backup as its obvious he's staying, don't dare make another mistake next year and have him as a starter, Bombers might have to unload some players? to get someone,its going to be intersting to see what happens during their off season

I'm sorry, but why would anyone want to go after B.C.'s QBs...? Jarius and Buck have both been battling injuries constantly.

.....I don't know whose qb. the Bombers will be going after....BUT PULLLLLEASE....would someone other than Mike Kelly do the assessment...Watching Printers perform the last part of 09 is reason enough to give me concerns that Kelly doesn't know jack-squat about what a NO 1 qb. should look like...How many times did people urge him to give Printers a shot at training camp....but no dice...Cripes even i could see that Casey was more gifted than ANY prospect we had for 09...According to tsn. ..Buono had a message from above to fit Printers into the team once again... :roll: Guess Mike Kelly doesn't have the direct line to the BIG GUY that Buono has... :roll: go figure...

thats not all they have over their :roll: why would anyone want to sign Bishop, and someone did, Papazoola is correct about Kelly and Printers, as Printers starts to get back into playing form he makes Kelly look like a real you know what.