QUAR issues

a minor note. It says that Lulay is a non qualifier because he has not the minimum of 60 drives, yet it also says he had 62 possessions.

more importantly. Lulay's last game stats, 78.5 completion percentage. 202 yards in half a game, 2 TDs, again in half a game.Four carries for a 9 yard avg. Only minus is a single int.

Also, since the game tracker boxscore stats at the bottom do not distinguish between each QB on team, combined the two BC QBs had only 1 sack, 0 forced fumbles, and 1 pass knockdown.

No 1 overall passer efficiency @ 108 for the season so far.

Yethe goes down from a 94 rating to 77? Doesn't seem right to me.

I'll pass this on to Steve Daniel. This year we're not computing QUAR automatically - a human is doing it, so it's possible some error was introduced.

thanks 8)

Not sure who to contact at TSN, but when keeping the stats for the Receivers, can the "TT" (times thrown), be added to the stats...