quality of players in first year

How does the system work for getting players from the other 8 teams to form the foundation of Ottawa's team in its first year?

In the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sucked big-time for awhile. Tampa Bay didn't get squat.

In the USFL, the Houston Gamblers got a lot of good players from the existing teams that were required to release their players. Houston made the USFL playoffs and challenged for the league championship.

Will Ottawa suck for years or will actual bona fide starters from each of the 8 existing teams be required to be released to play for Ottawa?

Meanwhile, Carolina and Jacksonville did quiet well with theirs.

Here are the rules.


Who would be the best backup quarterback (2nd stringer) right now in the CFL? That would be the one subjected to being cherry picked off of an existing team.

I betcha Buck Pierce ends up as the RedBlack starter this time next year. You heard it here first. Yes, I’m well aware he’s the Blue Bomber starter but I’m projecting he will not be one of the players designated as protected from Ottawa.

With how the expansond draft is set up and i think Oseg will not be shy in spending monye i can see the team being not bad at all right out of the gate.

I'm hopeful the procedures used on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a thing of the past.

Best QBs available:
Glenn/Mitchell ( can only take one )

Toronto's backups have looked good in pre-season action. Not sure that is enough to warrant using a pick on one?
Right now, i'd go with Glenn and Nichols, i think. Veteran and future.

They could always sign a free agent like McPherson, too. Wouldn't count as a pick.

Well, as things stand now, they'd likely be picking from:

BC: Elliott and DeMarco
Edmonton: Nichols and Joseph
Calgary: Glenn and Mitchell
Regina: Willy and Sunseri
Winnipeg: Goltz and Hall
Hamilton: Lefevour and Masoli
Toronto: Harris and Collaros
Montreal: Nieswander and Marsh.

Now, were I to be in Desjardins' shoes, I'd not go for Glenn, I want younger guys to grow with the team. I also shy away from Nichols just because he's been seriously injured now twice in two starts.

I'd pick Elliott, Mitchell, and Harris (and sign McPherson as a free agent), and have a wide open competition between the 4 of them.

And if none of them prove to be good enough to start in this league ( like jyles, greene, lemon or porter ), then what?
The guys you named are still unknown. We dont know if they are, or will ever be good enough to start (although, i doubt elliot is starting material ).
At least with Glenn, he is a sure thing. you have someone who can start and win. He still has 3 or 4 years left. He buys you time to find your franchise QB in case its not McPherson, or the other draft pick.
That is, if they are serious about being competitive out of the gate.

I'd let McPherson and Nichols battle for the starting spot. If neither can carry the load, put in Glenn until you find the future franchise QB or sign an established free agent QB.

If that turned out to be the case, then I'd probably be fired as GM.

But, if, instead of turning out to be like Jyles, Greene, Lemon, or Porter, one or more of them turn out to be more like Ray, Calvillo, or Burris, then I'd likely get a raise and a contract extension.

Yes they are, to an extent. Mitchell has looked good when he's played, and Elliott has twice won player of the week awards. Both of them have more of a track record than does Nichols, who's only notable contribution has been two bad leg injuries in two starts. But I concede that my approach is more of a gamble than yours (or, as Mrs MadJack would say, it's just that MadJack is a lousy judge of QB talent).

You'd be fired and a lot of damage would be done to the RedBlacks as a whole. Damage they cannot afford.
I don't think you gamble the whole franchise on 4 unknown commodities. Each of the 4 may have looked good at some point in a game or two, pre-season or relief, but can they win 9 or more in an 18 game season?

In my approach, if nichols can't do it, then you have mcpherson. If he can't do it, you have glenn and glenn can. And while glenn is out there keeping your team respectable, you're out turning over rocks looking for the next ray or calvillo, since nichols and mcpherson weren't.

Then, when Mitchell is tired of backing up Tate ( like reilly behind lulay ), you sign him and see what he can do.

Oh, and the RedBlacks are only allowed to 2 QBs in the draft, so your 4 picks is 1 too many.
Hence, Glenn and 1 more - nichols or harris, then signing McPherson.

Not me. I'd go with the coach George Allen philosophy and pick as many old guys as possible.


The underlying issue behind this draft is the current contract status of some of the players. Would Ottawa gamble and select a quarterback in the December expansion drat, only to see him become a free agent in February? Conversely, would they pass up on a soon-to-be free agent knowing that he would jump at the opportunity to compete for a starting position for a new team?

For example, Trevor Harris, Joey Elliott, and Justin Goltz are signed through the 2014 season, so Ottawa could comfortably take any of them. While Calgary doesn't release contract details, Glenn restructured his contract prior to the 2012 season, suggesting he could be a free agent and just join Ottawa once free agency hits. All of this plays a major role in not only who is taken in the expansion draft, but who Ottawa is willing to wait for during free agency.

I had three picks, not four (McPherson wouldn't be a draft pick). But still, you are correct, I was one over (just not two over).

Regardless, on reflection, drummer, your approach does make more sense than mine, I concede your points.

So. . . yes, take Glenn, for the reasons you have expressed.

That leaves one more to draft plus signing McPherson and probably a kid or two out of US college ball.

So who do you pick?

I'd still shy away from Nichols just because of that injury situation. Last two games he's started he's suffered serious leg injuries, so that would make me wary of potentially wasting a draft pick on damaged goods. On top of that, we really don't have any track record to speak of in terms of how good (or not) Nichols may turn out to be.

So I'd look more to Elliott or Harris (having taken Glenn that removes Mitchell from the situation). I'd probably take Elliott, I know I'm in a small minority here, but I still think that kid has some upside.

ok, so now we're on the same page, we're taking Glenn and Harris/Elliot then signing McPherson as well as an unknown college kid?
i'd go for that.
let's hope Desjardins is on the same page as well. :thup:

oh shut up..

that's not going to happen.

why the hell would The Bombers not protect their Starting QB? You mean to tell me that they'd rather keep their inexperienced rookies over a Starter in Pierce? omg.. go do a little coaching and learn something about football before you come on here and make these RIDICULOUS statements.

It's going to be either Matt Nichols ore Mike Reilly as their #1 choice. then it will be someone who has experience as a good potential back up. so you may see Kevin Glenn or Drew Willy as their #2 choice.

No my guess is Kevin Glen and right now we don't know if another backup could stand out this year, someone like Kerry Joseph who came out of nowhere to win the starting job for the Gades. Remember when the Gades took the best backup in the league and he flopped big time?

Please, not a has-been like Kevin Glenn. There has to be someone better than a re-tread like him. It reminds me of when the Rough Riders brought in Danny Barrett, Ken Hobart, etc....

Kevin Glenn is the best backup on the list right now, it's a no brainer. After that, Dan LeFevour or signing someone via free agency like Adrian MacPherson, Quinton Porter or the string of QBs who have found themselves out of jobs.

You couldn't possibly be talking about Dan Crowley? He did meet the flop criteria, I'm just not sure he was the best backup at the time. Perhaps the best one they could get.

While he is the starter (at the moment) his fragility may result in him being left unprotected. But considering the o-line may need some work (Kerry Joseph could attest to that) his injury history may be a drawback against Ottawa selecting him as well. He is one hit away from being a pretty decent QB coach I suppose.