quality of play?

ive been watching cfl since 1971. think the best years were edmonton dysnasty days; second best era was 1980's. but from what ive seen the last two years i think the quality of play has deteriorated. the tackling stinks. far too many penalties. the qb play is horrid. when the leagues best qb can only be third string on jets, i think that is an indicator. i still prefer watching cfl to nfl (and its not likely anyone in N.A. has watched more fb in last 30 years than myself), but last year and the first four weeks this year has been a struggle. any old-timers agree?




I think Ray could be a decent NFL QB, but was never given any kind of chance whatsoever last year by the Jets. It makes you wonder why they even bothered to sign him in the first place.

The only part of that I agree with is too many penalties.

However, I think this is the fault of the refs for the most part. I've never seen a league where more ticky-tack calls are made. Some are utterly ridculous, so many borderline holding calls. If they are borderline, they should let them go. Nothing worse than garbage flags ruining a great game....

Whenever I think that the officiating is bad in the CFL games, I just look around other sports and leagues and realize bad calls are made all the time everywhere. Example, talk to the Blue Jays right now about a couple of their last games. And holding in the NFL is attrocious, rarely called but there on every play, more than the CFL I think.
IMO, the CFL is not all alone here.

Also, the quality is as fine as I've ever seen it. yes, there have been some glaring dropped balls this year but remember, the CFL has only 2 ex games, not 5 like in the NFL.


Quality of play is sloppy right now because it's still the beginning of the season.

I've seen lots of amazing games last year, and this year should be no different.

And Ricky Ray didn't make teh NFL roster because of politics - not his talent. Remember Tee Martin was a backup for several years in teh NFL and so far he looks like total crap. As a matter of fact, in his worst game Ray has never played as bad as Martin.

few players have

Spurgeon Wynn, was a back up in BC. He actually started 3 games for the Minnesota Vikings, when Randall Cunningham was injured. Ricky Ray is a good quarterback sometimes, and also a not so good quarterback at times. The NFL cannot afford to have a "sometimes" quarterback on roster. His deep ball was also not good enough. Then there is Warren Moon and Joe Theisman. There is also the opposite end of the equation.

Disagree...Yes its early, some low scoring games, but the CFL is still exciting.

Regarding refs. Part of the game. We've been bitching about them since the 60's. As Earl pointed out...check Baseball.

Politics in the NFL re QB's. Anyone remember Flutie and Johnson with Buffalo....Need I say more?

Players are better, teams are more equal, schemes are more
advanced. Sorry herr but youre dead wrong.

I don't think the quality of play is bad at all. This is a very fast game these days and I am sure that is it a touch faster than the 80s which were great.

I had a locker next to Leon Bright at SFU the year when he was a guest coach there with the football team. He played for BC but left to be a punt returner and third down guy with the NY Giants. His view - both leagues have great football and great talent. He liked the Canadian game best but went for the money only.

The star receivers in the CFL still only get 4-5 catches a game. T.O. , Randy Moss (when healthy), Jerry Rice, these guys get at least 8-10 catches per game. Some of those catches are with one hand in double coverage, while falling out of bounds. Cannot begin to compare.

What does quality of play mean anyway? Except for a dropped pass or a missed field goal (admittedly it has been a bad start this year for many kickers and receivers), one person's bad play can be someone elses' great play. Sloppy tackling = great power running. Horrid QB play = great defensive play. Its all the way you want to look at it. The CFL haters out there, and I'm not saying HerrHockey is one of them, are constantly focusing on the negative side of the equation. I've been watching football since the '60s. It was entertaining and great then and it is entertaining and great now. Just enjoy it :slight_smile:

Funny when a game is very defensive everyone says it is terrible, when in honesty it is at its greatest. It is alot harder to cover a player running full speed at you, then running a nice post patern or a 10 yrd out.

Just my opinion


WOW!! no I don't agree! I have to say that after watching years of BORING NFL games that the first four weeks of this season, have kept me on the edge of my seat (just ask my wife to describe the screaming from the basement)

And!!...don't judge a QB's worth by the fact that he tries out for the No Fun League and only makes third string THE NFL DOESN'T KNOW GOOD FOOTBALL TO BEGIN WITH!

CFL Football is....plain and simple.....the most exciting football there is barr none!!

I agree the quality of the game today is better than the 80's or early 90's. The players are bigger and faster and the game is a lot quicker. I watched a classic CFL game I think from 1989 or1990 and boy I could not believe how slow the game was played. Also the players were not as big. You could definitely tell the difference from that game compared to how today's CFL game is played

I agree with everyone in disagreeing with the original post. Football this year is very exciting. The Bomber game against Eskimos was very defensive but still very entertaining. The reason for the high entertainment for me are close games - right to the end. Most games are very close.

One thing I remember being a fan of Bombers in 80's is that the return game was boring. Sure Gizmo and Pinpall were exciting but that was about it - no one from the bombers could do much. Hardly any returns went anywhere. I am finding this years special teams plays the most exciting year ever. Anyone agree?

Special teams are keeping me on the edge of my seat this year. You never know when one’s gonna be run back - I love that. No game is a sure thing, although there are people who would argue otherwise.

and you never know which expeirenced kicker will shank one next. so far the place kickers have been disappointing this year. i am sure they will come around but i hope they hurry it up.