Quality of Games

Hats off to the officiating and the commissioner for making the necessary changes, ie reducing the PI challenge to just one per game, to improve the overall quality of the game this season. It seems the talent level has improved as well.

Unlesd your one of us Hamilton fans lol

Like I said I'm surprised with their drop off. They have a decent qb.

so we are told :frowning:

That soul-crushing loss in week 5 at home to Edmonton was just brutal. I really felt for the tabbies after that, and it seems they haven't recovered and haven't played well since.

I really hope they string a few wins together at some point.

Good thing for Hamilton is that 5 wins might get them into the playoffs. Bad news for Hamilton is they look like they couldn't beat a pee wee team.

The adjustment made to the challenges rule was perfect and most welcomed!!! I can actually watch a game now and not have to worry every great play being snuffed out by an eye in the sky and endless challenges.

5 wins and a playoff spot?
It is possible, the Argos and Als play each other 2 more times. If they split the remaining games with each other and then lose all of their remaining games they could both could end up with 4 wins and finish the season at 4 - 14.
The Ticats would have to win tonight and then win both of their remaining games against the Als and the two against the Argos.
Ottawa could finish in first with 5 - 12 -1, if they lose tonight in Hamilton they would still have 2 games against the Ticats in Ottawa, and 2 games remaining against the Als. ??? ???