Quality of Games

That's your choice.

As for me, there is no guarantee the CFL will be around forever, so I enjoy as many games as I can. Plus, the games (in 2017) have been terrific.

Are there faults with the broadcast? Of course, but you could say that about every League.

I have watched all games but 1 this year, and I have enjoyed it more than I have in 5 years.

Then again, I never got down on the league as much as others. Video Review still needs work, but in 3 weeks of games we have seen some incredible games and plays. I get mad at Refs, but they are supposed to call the rules. Its up to the players to play within them.

Always a choice not to watch, but even in the SK/Ham game where there were 30 penalties, there were only a few that were head scratchers. 3-4 on Ham and 1-2 on Riders.

Looking forward to the rest of the season. As for the playoff format, or sub 500 teams winning. Playoff format with the crossover, not crazy of, but not reason to not follow league. As for sub 500, not only league. NFL has a few teams at 500 make playoffs, also they have had teams that were sub 500 close to the end of the season, that scrambled to get 500 or more. Also, NHL bubble teams. When you start looking at teams that used to get ties, and now single points for losing OT or Shoot out, there have been teams in playoffs with anything but stellar winning records.

Keep in mind, the last 3 West Finals between the 2 " best " teams, have been blow outs.
While the last 3 Grey Cups could have went either way, between the West power and the " soft " East.

I do not wish to rid the divisions.
However, I would be ok with the top 2 division winners, then seeded 3456.

I would only be in support of eliminating the divisions if they go back to 16 games.

Have missed more games than I've seen this season, but what I have seen has been better than I've seen this early in the season in several years. Video review is the big killer this year.

You want to go back to pre-crossover when a 3-13 team makes the playoffs, and a 9-7 one misses? "Idiotic" doesn't cover it. Your comments are stupid.

Don't you think his comments suggest he would prefer doing away with divisions altogether rather than returning to the pre-crossover format?

Well that's how a reasonably intelligent person would interpret my post rather than just throwing out insults.