Quality of Games

5 games in ( and I don't want to jinx it), the quality of the games is way up. Penalties appear to be down. Scoring way up.

We have asked for this for years. Glad it is finally here. :thup:

I don't care if they are high scoring or not...just want to see good football. There has been a lot of good football so far...generally not the case in week 1

Yes and hopefully the great entertainment will get more fans to the games.
As one of the owners stated - "Coaches and players need to understand that they're in the business of entertaining first and of winning football games second".
Last night's game had everything, two punt returns for TDs, fumble return for a TD, long TD passes for TDs, rushing TDs, a QB sneak that went for 60 yards, a few bad penalties and NO challenges, 900 yards of offense plus a close game down to the wire.

Out last night so I didn't get a chance to watch the game. Saw the highlights on Sportscentre and from a fan standpoint looked like a good game, from the two teams viewpoint a terrible game showing a lot of huge holes in both teams and lastly the best news I've seen....NO CHALLENGES!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: We need more challenge free games.

That 60 yard QB sneak is one of the most embarrassing thing I've seen in a long time. Good for Calgary but huge embarrassment for RBs D. :lol:

Games really have been quite good unless you're a Ticat fan. :x

Teams are taking the first half of the season more seriously. In prior years, regardless of the lip service (Game 1 is as important as Game 18) teams knew that 2/3 of the teams make playoffs - so the goal was just getting into the playoff race. When teams like Calgary showed that a full season of games is what its all about, recruited backups as good as their starters and played with killer instincts ALMOST EVERY GAME, I think that killed some of the loafer teams ideas about cruising, taking nights off, etc.

Obviously, Kent Austin didn't get the memo! :cowboy:

P.S. We'll see what happens this weekend. Calgary & Ottawa are pretty much top of the heap. Lets see what conspires when Harry meets Sally (O'Shea vs. Corky) - both teams loaded with lots of hobos and itinerants, crazy-assed coaching and mediocre player development.

both teams loaded with lots of hobos and itinerants, crazy-assed coaching and mediocre player development.
That can make for some interesting and entertaining on-field action though! :wink:

Why challenge ... the "Command Centre" has shown they can't get reviews right anyway ... maybe that is a strategy.

I think Ottawa had the template for success last year; fast out of the gate, stumble through the middle of the season, back into the playoffs and then turn it on.........for 2 whole games.

Had Calgary taken it easy a little more maybe they beat the rested and ready RBs. :wink:

Whatever happens, I predict that someone will complain about it. :smiley:

You're the one who's complaining. :roll: You can't even take a stand one way or the other you just complain for the sake of complaining. :wink: :wink:

I think the games have been entertaining to watch so far. I've watched every game and have enjoyed each and every one of them.,,,,,,,,

Little fallback for Magic Ricky & Rabbi Trestman tonite - in front of 450 to 500 rabid fans.

Monseigneur Ambrosie will have his first challenge figuring out how to paper the house at BMO.

Nice to see one of the tall foreheads (aka schmucks) at TSN has figured out its NOT a good idea to pair up parasitic Rod Black w/ sleepy Duane Forde; tonite they give Rod that jacked up 'n comer Matt Dunigan. Rotten Rod looks like he's forsaken his Rogaine treatments. :cowboy:

This is the best start to a season in memory. I'm lovin' it.

Week 1 was a mess with the disaster that is video review. So far there hasn't been as much review and no controversy that I've heard.

I'm still not sold. Last season chased me away after week 4 and I didn't watch another complete game until week 1 this season. I watch if I'm home but I don't record and watch every game anymore. It's going to take a lot more than a couple decent games to win me back as a watch every game fan. Orridge, a toothless supplemental discipline system, poor play, idiotic playoff system and moronic video review system and blind reviewers chased me last year and a lot of that is still around this year.

What do you find idiotic about the playoff system?

It sounds like you are looking for a reason NOT to watch. It's unfortunate, because you missed some great football.

Yeah, I think the games have been very entertaining so far this year. Oh well to each their own I suppose.

Oh, how about an 8-9-1 team getting a bye then a home playoff game while a 10-8 team has to play 2 on the road and the division finals see the 2 best teams in the league (15-2-1 vs 12-6) play for one spot in the Grey Cup while the 4th and 5th best teams play for the other (8-9-1 vs 10-8).

Why not just draw lots to see who plays who, it makes about as much sense and makes the NHL's backwards playoff seeding look intelligent.

I don't have to look for reasons the league puts them out there during every game. Watched most of the Argo/BC game last week. Decent game, but before they could finish without incident we have a 5 minute delay for a reason never clearly announced in the final few minutes.

It's almost like the league goes out of its way to make a mess of any game that might be played without incident. A real crime this season because the first 3-4 weeks are always a crap shoot as to whether you get a good game or a pre season like mess, but this season has been very good through the first 2 weeks (video review idiocy aside).

I'm not wasting my time on it until something is done about the video review disaster. If I am home I watch, but if I'm not I don't record games anymore which means I won't see any games this weekend. I'll get the highlights on Sunday night.