Quality of CFL

I've watched a few games in my times.!!!!!!!!!!! However the QUALITY of CFL players has HIT a ALL time HIGH.

This weekend Two games were sensational. Look how bombers & Lions improved. With new super players.
Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal have lost players BUT look at there TALENT nothing short of great.
Sask still up grading the future looks good. But 2 QB's need at least.
The talent is actually unbelievable in CFL. CHEERS to Winnipeg and BC for good turn around.
very small difference between CFL and NFL. expect adverting and game presentation.

I agree with you. Each team must have 2 QB's that have the ability to start with a strong, fast, physical O line along with a running back that can run and pass block if you want success in this league. Throw in a couple of W.R.'s NFL style, tall, jumping ability and fast and you will score enough points to win if your defence can stop the other team. The rules lend themselves to wide open play and that is what we are seeing with these players.

The referees are making the game unwatchable at times, but there is parity in the league, to a level that I haven't seen in the relatively brief time I've been following the CFL (i.e. since 2000). No team is the free space on the bingo card anymore and even the top teams can lose to anyone. :thup:

Nice to read a positive CFL post.

It's gonna get better boys!

Winnepeg impressed me with their ability to move the ball on the ground and the air vs Edmonton this week. Their feature back is a stud.

Would get even better if everyone was a free agent on Dec 1.

Their "feature back" had his first good game of the season... If you watched the Eskimos religiously, like I do, I'd say we'd have to have the worst defense in the league. Along with terrible DB's... The talent on average I agree is very good. But the game is being killed by TERRIBLE reffing. As a 23 year old fan, it is not something that will get more people my age or younger watching... I've been a fan all my life, but the past 2 years have been brutal for a decent share of games. All of this "challenge roughing the passer" or literally challenging anything, makes me not want to watch any CFL games other than the Esks. I was literally bored for 90% of last game in stands with Edmonton and Winnipeg playing.

:thup: :thup: