Quality kickers few and far between

Is it just me, or has there been a lack of good fieldgoal kickers lately? Any speculation on why this might be?

With expansion of the CPL and MLS, there are less occasions where soccer players have to become field goal kickers.

Also there are more football teams than ever before.


That was my first thought. Maybe Covid slowed development.


we are all retired


Just guesses but…

The use of a specific “kickers” ball designed to make long field goals more difficult. This was a thing for a while, though I don’t know if it’s still in use.

Defensive linemen have gotten bigger, faster, and more athletic, enabling them to both block kicks and rush the kicker more effectively.

Peyton Manning talking about the “idiot kicker” seems to have stuck around, and taken some of the gloss off of the position. Most people dream about being the qb, star receiver, or linebacker, but not many dream of being the kicker. They are the bass player of the team, and Peyton’s seemingly immortal quote has exacerbated this phenomenon.

Great kickers can make more playing soccer, which wasn’t much of an option in North America until relatively recently.


Good point on the linemen. Hadn’t thought about that.


Lemme take a crack at this… you were one of those GOOD field goal kickers. Am I right? Do I get a cookie? :beaver:


well, lets just say that even though I am 68, in really bad shape, and havent kicked in almost 20 years, odds are I would still make the ones that Gronk missed :slight_smile:

As for the cookie, check your cupboard :slight_smile:


On the flip side, thanks to the recent international player initiatives, punting pretty much league wide has been outstanding.


Lots of opportunity to practice.

Some might enjoy this interview with former kicker Dan Giancola. Tough stuff he has gone through with his health.

Sportsline: Former CFL kicker Dan Giancola recounts near-death experience

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Seems the NFL have a lot of great kickers, the 57 yard FG in the Super Bowl was a record.
We need to recruit American kickers, these guys put it threw the end zone on every kick off!!

And yet there are no players whatsoever attempting a drop kick anymore. Doug Flutie last did it for New England during his last season there. Still it is available to do. Try going to a field with goalposts and attempting it. Why teams don’t practice it with FG kickers and punters is beyond me.

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There are decent kickers in most American Colleges, develop a database and bring them in…

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Because there are almost no opportunities to use it … punters are never close enough that it is practical to try to “fool the defence” and go for three instead of punting … and … standard field-goal attempts are far more accurate, even if using the “straight-on” approach … Flutie’s drop-kick extra point was a stunt in a meaningless game.

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It’s because kicking at a high level is incredibly difficult, not just physically, but also mentally. You have to be a special type of person to be a kicker. It would be best if you had short-term memory loss.

I acknowledge that it is not just because of the difficulty. My biggest issue with professional football is the amount of “thats my guy” that goes on in terms of roster development. How many times have we seen guys like Ammendola, Maher, and Slye come back after having horrible performances? Way too many. There are too many coaches that will bring in a kicker simply because they’ve worked together in the past. I think this plays a huge part in why we don’t see more guys getting chances. The next Justin Tucker/Paul McCallum/Lui Pasaglia is out there but they’re sitting on the couch because Joe Schmoe brought in his college buddy’s son to kick for the NFL team he coaches.

If we’re talking about CFL specifically, we are currently blessed with talent at the kicker position (and punter position but that’s a whole 'nother paragraph). Kickers like Rene Paredes, Sean Whyte, Lewis Ward, Brett Lauther, and Sergio Castillo (and maybe Bede?) are all having insane statistical performances in their later years.

We have promising development in the league at the position with guys like Keiran Burnham, Jose Maltos, Ryan Meskell, Micheal Domagala and Alfredo G. Lozada, working their way through the system to earn starting jobs through their performances in preseason and during injuries. If anything, the CFL’s kicking market is oversaturated right now.