Qualities of a winning team

After the LDC debacle, it got me thinking as to what it takes to make a winning team and so I wrote down four things I thought are needed for a winning football team, and whether we show any of these. So I thought I might call upon other fans who have more savvy than me for their opinions. Just maybe someone in charge of running this team will read this post and learn something. So here goes:

1.Team chemistry is extremely important where players are playing for the good of the team and not for any personal reasons. I think you will find that we need a collective team effort to be a winner. It seems that some guys are doing all the work while others are just going through the motions.

  1. Great teams make a habit of doing the fundamental things extremely well. Such things as winning turnover battles, keeeping penalties to a minimum, winning field position etc. Maybe we could use some improvement here?

  2. Solid defense. (a good one) High powered offenses might make the crowds go nuts but a good defense will keep us in every single game even when the offense is not playing as it should. I think if a team doesn’t have a good defense, they will lose when it counts the most. Yeah, uh, that’s us.

  3. Good quarterback. (makes sense) I think since the qb handles the ball the most he must be capable of making solid decisions with the football. Good decision making, looking over the entire field, …I don’t know??

If you look at other CFL teams that seem to win when it counts, I can see some of this stuff, I’m not sure where we fit in with the above but I have my own ideas.

I’ve heard it said that a team with a star player is a good team, but a team without one is a great team. Figure this one out!

Anyway that’s all I have to say.

The qualities of a winning team? Good players, good depth, good coaches, no major holes, injury luck, and patience.

I too was thinking about much the same things. To me it comes down to performing in the clutch.

Great teams, championship teams, seem to be able to stop the other teams when they need to defensively & extend drives offensively when they have to. They perform when it counts. They are clutch.

The TiCats are a good team. Not a great team at this point. Do one of, if not both of the above and they'd be great & true championship contenders.

In fact if they had done either of these things in the last 4 games, things would be very, very different. 7 & 2 kind of different.

#1 on my list: a dominant offensive line

They can make an average QB/RB/WR look like stars, while a poor line will make stars look average.

So, OK, This all makes sense, but.....we must be missing...what? One or all of these?? I think patience is what the fans need, the time for patience on behalf of the team is running out!

To me, the Cats have good coaches, and have had decent injury luck so far. They do have good players in certain areas, but don't have the strongest depth across the board. The major holes, as I see them, are at O-line, D-line, and secondary.

I think the most important quality of a team is individual desire/need to win/heart: take your pick of names. Hitch and a long list of old time Cats had these qualities; many others were 'go through the motions for the cheque guys'. In my opionion a team of guys with fire in their belly will outperform guys with poor attitude and talent every time.

The team with the best players doesn't necessarily win, its the team with the players that play the best.

I started this thread just to see others opinions of why we can't seem to c ontinually shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to giving up leads. I think Wheezer mentioned about desire and heart and this is right on the money when you thing about players like Hitchcock, Moreale, Montford, Zambiazi, to name a few. I may be off on this but a lot of our players are new and don't understand the tradition and history of the team. I guess I'm just looking for answers as to why this team is a group of underperformers when they showed so much potential going into this year


What do you expect when the organization chases free agent after free agent every year? The best player on this team, Chris Williams, isn't a free agent, but rather someone Obie found on his own (Chris Williams).

Championship teams are built primarily from within.

Watching CHCH TV tonight with a number of players out and only one signing of a new player it's obvious that Bob and company havn't threw the panic flag yet !? Why with one new player signing this week and I guess they think they can rebound with this big LB loss . I think this organization is doomed to fail the way this season is going ..... 10 year plan in effect :thup: :wink: same BS as usual.