1.Criminal Wrap Sheet
2.A former NFL first round pick 10 years ago
3.A first round draft bust
4.Be on injured reserve or practice roster of a super bowl winning team
5.Have a me-first attitude
6.Have a pre-exisiting injury and not report it
7.Sign with the argos without having a physical exam (cough, cough, Davd "steroid" Boston).
8.Your only intention isnt to help the argos and become a team player, but to send out feelers to NFL teams and go back to America.
9.Have a cocky and arrogant attitude and act like your the second coming of Jim Brown, but you have the talent of Gordon Brown. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Sounds like your jealous I guess Bishop is one of those. :lol:

I Red on the other hand am jealous that my QB Bish is gone for good.

You could become a Rider fan now that Bishop is here... :wink: :cowboy:

Argotom I will give you the loaded gun with the one bullet. Use it before turning green.

Thanks Red, I rather ride your pony before vomiting green.

LOL I would rather lay in front of a speeding train. :lol:

I am going to go out on a limb here...I guess touchdown69 is not an Argo fan...

I would guess he would be a guy that loves green.

bishop aint my target, he was a legit starter, and got the job ripped from him, plus this guy never had a consistent system to work with, he had a new offensive coordinator every two seasons, and the ownership was too cheap to ever employ a QBs coach to help develop young QBs like crouch, marcus brady, bishop, pickett, mcneal, etc.

Actually last season the Argos did employ Bill Dietrich as thier qb coach (he came over from Calgary with Buratto..but he sort of disappeared in the offseason).....What does this have to do with the Argos only signing 1st rd NFL picks & players with "rap sheets"??