Q's year is next year

I have no doubt that Porter will be a much improved qb next season. I remember when we had Calvillo here and he struggled really bad. We never had a good team around him and his confidence was shot. A couple years in Montreal under Tracey Ham and he was ready for the big show. Having said that, I think we are expecting Porter to become a overnight sensation here. Let's play Glenn for the rest of the year and bring Porter along, not throw him into the fire when he's not ready. He's only 26, he'll get better and better. Let him gain experience under Glenn. :cowboy:

Yeah but with Porter It's him who is shooting the rest of the teams confidence down. It's obvious the team won't play for him.

Obvious ?? I saw blood sweat and tears in a hard fought defensive game in Calgary only two weeks ago. If this is the case, start dumping the jokers around him. Geezzz

For the record Calvillo was already a star when he played for Hamilton. That's right, I was at a game when he played for us and threw for 500+Yds. We didn't win but Calvillo was doing his job even back then. Why was he traded? I may be wrong but I was under the impression we didn't need two starting quarterbacks with McManus coming to town.
So the comparisons to Calvillo and Porter are wishful thinking. Porter will never, never be a Calvillo. Not in this life time!


No one can know that. For all we know he might be even better.

BTW, that 500+ yard game is a Tiger-Cat passing record. He broke Zuger's old record.

Anthony Calvillo 542 MTL MTL Oct. 25, 1996
Danny McManus 525 WPG HAM June 25, 2004
Anthony Calvillo 518 SSK SSK Oct. 6, 1996
Danny McManus 513 OTT OTT July 25, 2002
Rickey Foggie ..498 WPG HAM Oct. 5, 1997
Danny McManus 479 SSK HAM July 21, 2000
Danny McManus 476 B.C. B.C. June 18, 2004
Joe Zuger .......475 SSK HAM Oct. 15, 1962
Danny McManus 470 CAL CAL Sept. 16, 2000
Danny McManus 460 WPG HAM Oct. 4, 1998

Really? The point is Calvillo in his first yr. was not nervous but a quality player. Unlike Porter who is nothing more than a third string wanna be.


and according to habman nobody's comparing Porter to Calvillo.

Apparently buckwheat made a comparison.


I would nt call AC a star at that point of his career. He was a QB full of promise and yes he had one amazing game after Matt Dunigan's career ending injury in 1997, followed by what became a farce on a very bad Hamilton team that year, AC ran for his life avoiding sacks and got so rattled that he couldnt hold on to the ball. It was so strange because his knee was hitting the ball as he ran and out it would come. Time and time again.
So as for your comparisons, your right its wishful thinking, because Porter is no where near as bad as AC was that year he became a starter due to an injury to the starter.
The comparison is the way Porter is being treated here by the fans, AC was boo'd out of town and cut outright when Ron Lancaster came to town with Danny Mac, there was no trade, there was no value.
Lets not re live this with Porter.

AC fumbled 28 times in his first 4 years ( 1 in LV, 3 in Hamilton).

That's an average of 7 fumbles per season. QP already has 7 fumbles now.

Name Year Team Att Yards Avg Long TD Fumb
CALVILLO, A 1994 LV 42 195 4.6 21 2 9
CALVILLO, A 1995 HAM 24 51 2.1 13 2 5
CALVILLO, A 1996 HAM 40 311 7.8 53 1 2
CALVILLO, A 1997 HAM 53 242 4.6 29 2 12

Dont discredit my posts, as it will appear to others that you are making it up as you go, we are not talking averages we are talking 1997 in Hamiton.
AC fumbled 12 times that year and was far more rattled then Porter has been this year, your comment makes me doubt that you were there at all, I was in Los Vegas is 1994 when I first saw AC and call it right then and where. A future Hall of Famer.

Save this copy it or make a paper airplane out of it, dont care. I am saying it again. Quinton Porter will be a Hall of Famer one day too. Mark my words.

I'm not discrediting your post. I'm just presenting facts and those that read them can make their own conclusions just as they can with the facts you just provided, and you're right 12 fumbles by AC is more.

Just as AC's 12 fumbles are an anomoly ( he had only 2 the season before) I expect Porter to have fewer turnovers next year.

Further break down of the stats show ACs 12 fumbles in 1997 came in 10 games.

Porter's 7 fumbles this year have come in 12 games some of which he was piulled early like last week's game.

Last season he had 7 fumbles in 8 games

Check out Burris' fumble stats. They're all over the place http://www.cfl.ca/roster/show/id/46

IMHO Porter is a better QB today then AC was in 1997, skill and maturity wise. I am simply trying to paint a clear picture for those who were not there to see AC in Hamilton as I was, maybe you were I dont know.

There are people on here that refer to Porter as a wanna be thrid stringer, I draw comparisons here to try to convince them just how wrong and unknowledgable they are and appear to the fans who witnessed AC's time in Hamilton.

Theres got to be someone out there that saw the 1997 season ????????????

Joseph fumbled 42 times in his first 4 years.

Maas had 20 fumbles in 2004, his 5th year in the league, and twice, Ray has fumbled 13 times in a season.

I dunno, in 10 games in 1997 Calvillo threw for 2,177 yards, 57.6%, 12 TDs, 11 ints, 80.6 rating.

Porter in 12 games this year threw for 1,762 yards 63.7%, 6 TDs, 8 ints, 78.,1 rating.

Make of that what you will.

I liked Calvillo back then and thought he was a victim of the run and shoot that gave him no protection and no time. The parallels are there.

I am not sure where we are trying to go with this, but fumble stats seem to be an interesting factor in the outcome of careers. Last point anyway, Porters done a great job by comparison to other pretty darn good QB's that have played in the CFL.

I believe he has done well enough to play and others think he should sit, well this week he sits and we can all post fairly I hope about Glenns performance come Sunday night.

Not trying to go anywhere. Just like looking at numbers, and one thing is for sure: QB fumble numbers are all over the place.

Believe it or not the first time I saw AC was in Vegas. It was pre game of a game he wasnt dressing for due to injury, well about an hour before the game he stood at the 25 all alone tossing balls at the goal posts. Hitting them for the most part right then left and again over and over, I stood in awe watching and have been a big fan ever since, loved when he came here, hated the way it ended.
But knew way back in !994 he was going to be a super star. Sometimes you can just see it so clearly.

I am seeing it again now in Porter, like him or not its there. But if history tells future stories, Porter will do it else where. To bad eh :frowning:

I remember 97. People could tell Calvillo was going to be a good one. Personally i do think Porter is ahead of where AC was back then. We dont know where the ceiling is for QP so the comparisons are useless in my opinion.

Lets just remember one thing, We brought in Danny McManus, Calvillo had to go, had we of stuck with Calvillo we possibly would have never won a Grey Cup, and Calvillo would have never got the structure and mentoring he got in Montreal. He would have never turned out to be the QB he is, had he of stayed here. Through ownership issues and no talent around him, he would have never developed.