QP vs. KG

Can we talk about something other than Quinton Porter vs. Kevin Glenn?
It seems that opinions are so divided.
Porter supporters won’t give Glenn any credit and vice versa. It’s like talking to a brick wall.
Even when we win, it’s the same thing.
Can we agree to disagree and move on…?

Well that is the hot topic around town ...So one of them playing well will hush hush all the talk ... :rockin: :thup: Got my fingers crossed ...

I don't think it will.
If the cats win behind Glenn against montreal, the Porter supporters will say it was the defense that won it or Cobb, not Glenn.
Mark my words.

Shouldn't we be supporting the tigercats, not the QB we favour?

I doubt it will end any time soon because it is unlikely we will beat Montreal so Glenn will likely be blamed for that loss....

Really good point.

But to be fair, Porter was blamed for the first loss to Montreal.

I will not blame Glenn for a loss on Sunday. I will hold my comments on Glenn until next Friday in Toronto.

My take is Glen is what he is.
Steady, unspectacular veteran.

If starting Glen is what it takes to squeek out a few boring wins I do not buy in.
He is not the future of this team.
Find out if Porter can play. If he can't give it to #3 Adam.

If starting Glen is what it takes to squeek out a few boring wins I do not buy in. He is not the future of this team.
As Herman Edwards so ELOQUENTLY stated ..."We PLAY to WIN the game ... We PLAY to WIN the game!!!!" ... I didn't hear anything about WIN glamorously, or spectacularly, or even particularly interestingly ...

As a more sane Al Davis once said "Just WIN, baby!!" ... He didn't say "Just WIN, spectacularly!!" ....

What, in the name of Ben Zambiasi, is a BORING win, anyway !!!???

I remember a certain UNSPECTACULAR QB that used to play in the NFL. People said he was just an average QB that could MANAGE a football game, an experienced veteran that wouldn't do ANYTHING special, just do enough to NOT give a game away ... I WONDER if the fans of the Baltimore Ravens were BORED while they CELEBRATING their TEAM'S Super Bowl VICTORY ???!!!!! I wonder if Trent Dilfer's TEAM MATES were BORED while they were getting sized for their Super Bowl RINGS ??!!

Are YOU KIDDING ME ... this is, without a DOUBT, the most LUDICROUS statement I ever read in this forum.



No No No No. I will be very happy with a whole season of boring wins. The alternative is spectacular losses....and we've had too many of those over the years.

And while we are still in a hunt for a play off game, there should be absolutely no talk of "putting in Adam to see what he can do". Yes, he could be a diamond in the rough but NOW is not the time to experiment.

Look, everyone sees the game differently and there will be many different takes on the game no matter the outcome. Don't worry if they all don't agree.

Why can Kevin Glenn not be the future?
He's only 2 years younger than Porter.
He also unspectacularly won the MVP and led his team to the Grey Cup and didn't lose it.
He has 12 TDs to Porter's 6 with less playing time and fewer 1st team reps.
1 fumble compared to 6 or 7?
Way fewer interceptions.
Need I go on...?

Rockfish: I think some people believe that if you say Glenn is not the future enough everyone will believe it. I don't know if he is the future, but I am not so arrogant to think that I know the future and how any player is going to progress in the future. Some here obviously know more than me. :lol:

Glenn is 2 years older.

He did not win the MOP. He was just the eastern representative.

Just the eastern nominee? So that was not an honour? Who was he up against? A. Calvillo for starts!
The only thing Porter has been nominated for in the CFL is to warm the bench!
So why is Glenn not the future of the cats? It couldn't be politics could it Marcel?


We've already found that out. How many more losses will it take? :roll:

Rockfish, You should go on, I for one would like to know what it is that sells you so completely on Glenn and doesnt sell you on Porter. As you called your post QP vs KG, I d like to look at the players, not thier stats and not the team.

What I see in Quinton Porter is,
Poise strenght and speed, tied in with his height. Take a look at the first drive and his pass to Bauman for an example of exactly this.

The often mentioned lost look to me is a study of checks and balances and enough knowledge to know that ability alone isnt going to cut it at this level. That smarts play a factor every play.
Does it appear he is struggling? Yes it sure does and he is at times, he is struggling to slow the game around him down.
I think if you could talk to MB and OB, they would tell you Porter is the most gifted QB to arrive in Hamilton or the CFL in years. I agree and I am willing to wait as he plays I hope, because I know the wait will be so worth.
Really take a close look Porter is a combination of AC, and Ricky Ray, with better speed and the stones of a very hard nosed Matt Dunigan.
I will likely get ripped for this post, so be it I dont care.
If winning now this year is all that matters to you, its true Kevin Glenn has the one thing Porter lacks and thats experince, truly that is the only thing Glenn offers over Porter, to me Porters strenghts out weigh Glenns experince, and makes the future much brighter.
Porter cant do anything about the past and he cant seem to overcome the impatience of so many Ticat fans and rightfully so. Damn its been a long time.
I think he should be playing and has nothing to gain sitting, I would give up this season in a heart beat for the next 5.

Agreed. But he's fumbled 7 times this year and had 9 turnovers in the last 4 games. That's very costly and he's got to learn to NOT turn the ball over. Our turnover ratio was great at the start of the year and we went 4-2

I think he should be playing and has nothing to gain sitting,
It's not about Quinton Porter it's about the Tiger-Cats and he gets that as you've seen in his comments. He gains lots by sitting and observing and learning, calling in plays and seeing what the coaches see, and hearing how the coaches think.
I would give up this season in a heart beat for the next 5.
I don't buy this reasoning at all. Sitting him now will NOT hurt his progress at all. If anything, what we might be seeing is the cause of his regression might be his development being rushed.

No doubt he'll be quite good.

Good post CaptK: Can't argue with a single point.
A lot of people here seem to see things in black and white. He's either in or out and there is nothing in between.

Yes thats exactly what they said when wanting Glenn to start !

Sorry guys hope we can agree to disagree on this one, but had Porter played through after the last not at fault fumble and failed maybe then you'd have a point, but all your points are pure speculation. Yes the same can be said about my points as well.

Sunday will tell a big tale and alot of if's may be answered, we shall see.