QP in talks with Bombers??

Some CFL sources say that Quinton Porter has already spoken to Bomber brass about the possibility of joining the team if and when Max Hall does not pan out or the revolving door of the Bombers QB's Pierce and Goltz fails to perform?

Now with Marcel B. in the Bombers offense plans and Kyle Walters as GM the Ex-Tiger-Cats feel that QP would be a good fit in Bomber-land, much will be decided in the next two games with Hamilton??

Cut Joey Elliott but talk to Porter ? What a joke that org. has turned into.

No kidding, and what happened to Brink? I thought he wasn't bad as a player, is he still back up in Toronto or is he gone now?

I think it's a major panic situation in the Peg, New Stadium, bad coaching, no wins, three QB's no one wanting the job? I still think Tim Burke is the problem in Winnipeg, it was his decision to start Buck Pierce and go with him without looking for anothe starter in the off season, he knew Buck was injury prone but stuck with him? Than he said Goltz is my new starter for the rest of the year and two games later he's riding the pine like Pierce and it's now Max Hall?? How does a team gain any consistency??


BIGCAT....You say CFL sources....can you provide any links? if there are any? or is this just an ubsubstantiated rumor thats floating around? Would not suprise me in the least if this was true,especially now that Bellviue is on the scene.

8) Alex Brink was released by the Argos in May. He is presently a free agent looking for work !!
  Joey Elliott, the other former Bomber QB, who Winnipeg released,  is now with the BC Lions.

I can't find anything to suggest Porter has been talking to the Bombers.

Where did this come from?

Well it doesn’t surprise me, the talk about Quinton came from the Toronto media on the radio after Marcel joined the Bombers, speculation was that QP has been in talks prior to Marcel joining but that may cement a deal depending on how Max Hall performs Friday night against Hamilton? It must be pretty unnerving for the team in Winnipeg especially the QB’s, Buck Pierce said he’s never seen anything like it before??

I'm not too sure where any of this stuff comes from honestly?

Marcel B was hardly the champion, advocator, proponent, promoter, disciple, exponent, apostle ... bare with me ... the synonyms are almost over ...

Anyways, as I was saying, I'm not sure that Coach Bellefuielle is hitching his wagon to Quinton Porter.

I DO Believe that he once saw, at one time, the characteristics & skill set that could make for a great CFL QB.

I'm not so sure as Marcel had to fight for his job ... as in fight for wins ... that Marcel continued to feel this way.

If you remember correctly, during that period of the TiCats switching back & forth between Glenn & Porter ... Coach Bellefuielle didn't like it! The orders came from Obie! Obie even said so ... something along the lines of "Since finishing order is out of the equation ... well, we have to see what Quinton has at some point or another."

Anyways ... Not wishing to slag QP or MB or OB1KNOB by any means, way shape or form. I just don't think it's an easy conclusion that QP is going to WPG because MB is there in a consultancy role now.

Yes, if you don't have a source then don't post it.
Maybe the OP should have said "I THINK the Bombers should talk to QP"

Toronto radio doesn't talk CFL football too much. . . so please tell us, which radio station and which show or commentator? Does said radio station have anything on their website about this?

didn't know you were a naturist...but no, thanks :wink:

I raised the Bellefeuille-Porter possibility as a question in another thread as soon as MB was hired, so I may be guilty of starting the rumour. I don't think anyone takes me that seriously, though!

I believe the GM brings players in not the coach. :oops:

Still waiting. . .

Why is everyone jumping on the guy, he didn't say the bombers signed him and the title of the tread even has question marks. I wouldn't be surprised if they talk to him if tonight goes horribly wrong for the Bombers and im really hoping it does. I also wouldn't be sad to see them bring QP in because I know what he can do and that's absolutely nothing. :lol:

Fans mentioned this in threads on the OurBombers, the morningbigblu and the BlueBombers forums

The only reason the title has question marks is because he uses it in EVERY ssentence.

He claims a toronto radio station reported it however there is absolutely nothing to suggest it happrned.

Not exactly sure what the motivation is to do this.

The fact that he has disappeared from this thread suggests the story is bogus.


Yup… fans…

Well, first he said it was "CFL sources" and then he changed gears and claimed to have heard it on some Toronto radio station.

If he can't back it up, then folks will likely believe that he made it up on his own.

If you're going to make up your own rumour, at least have the integrity to say that's what you're doing, rather than trying to pass it off as emanating from "CFL sources" or some unnamed radio station.

well. I have no idea if tis rumour has any credibility or not. I hope it happens though... I liked QP and hope he has another chance to pursue his career in football.