QP has MCL injury

CH news just showed Porter with ice on leg and said he left the game with an MCL injury. Printers to start next game

Is that ACL...not sure if that's the term I've heard before.
If that's it, could someone tell me what that is exactly (remember I'm a girl, and I'm not a medical person).

DRtiger....they are both ligaments in the knee ... Medial Collateral Ligament and Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Not sure how severe injury was, also don't know which of the two is the more serious. Maybe someone here who has studied sport medicine can help with that.

MCL is the ligament on the inside edge of the knee. ACL is in the middle of the knee. ACL is much more serious almost always surgery. MCL (I injured mine once) much less serious, usually two weeks almost never surgery.

This is simplified but ...


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they also said it was a minor sprain and he wasn't limping too much. hopefully not too serious.

ACL - A rotation injury. ACL injuries occur if your foot is planted and the leg rotates without the foot leaving the ground. Actions that require high speed "cutting" see ACL injuries commonly.
Usually a season ending injury. Repair usually requires surgery.

MCL - It usually happens if you are hit on the outside of your knee.
The medial collateral ligament resists widening of the inside of the joint, or prevents "opening-up" of the knee. This is what Porter has been diagnosed with.
1st degree tear 1-2 weeks out
2nd degree tear 3-4 weeks
3rd degree 6 weeks...maybe more
Rest will usually repair the injury.

Tom Brady, and Charlie Weis (That heavy coach for Notre Dame football who was wipped out by a player on the sidelines this year) both suffered ACL and MCL injuries.

I am not a doctor, but I have been a customer.....5 times.

WOW...thanks very much!!!
So, I can learn from you guys.
Great people on this site!!!

All we can hope for is that he'll be healthy for next season, there's nothing else to it! :wink:

For a QB and MCL isn't hass big a deal as an ACL. Porter would lose his mobility but would still be able to sit back and pass. The MCL is what helps you cut. ACL injuries are season enders.