QMJFL 2022 (Quebec Major Junior Football League)

The QMJFL returns for the first time since 2019!


And with a new team featuring one of the best logos in junior football:

Here's the week 1 schedule:

Week 1
2 Sat August 20, 2022, 2:00 pm
Quebec City Battalion at Ottawa Junior Riders

Sat August 20, 2022, 8:00 pm
Les Loups du Nord at South Shore Jr Packers

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Here's a list of QMJFL players who went on to the CFL or NFL:

Name QJFL Team Professional Team League
Tony Pajaczkowski Verdun Shamcats Calgary Stampeders CFL
Mark Montreuil North Shore Broncos San Diego Chargers NFL
Pierre Vercheval Quebec Citadels Montreal Alouettes CFL
Larry Fairholm Rosemont Bombers Montreal Alouettes CFL
J.T.Hay Ottawa Sooners Calgary Stampeders CFL
Gino Barretta NDG Maple Leafs Montreal Alouettes CFL
Gerry Dattillio NDG Maple Leafs Montreal Alouettes CFL
Bob Geary Verdun Shamcats Montreal Alouettes CFL
Ian Beckles North Shore Broncos Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL
Jeff Turcotte Ottawa Sooners Ottawa Rough Riders CFL
Gordie Rowland St. Aloysius Orphans Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL
Pierre Desjardins Rosemont Bombers Montreal Alouettes CFL
George Springate Rosemont Bombers Montreal Alouettes CFL
Bill Hitchcock North Shore Broncos Seattle Seahawks NFL
Rick Sowieta Ottawa Sooners Ottawa Rough Riders CFL
Ken Evraire Ottawa Sooners Hamilton Tiger Cats CFL
Wally Zatylyny Montreal Jr. Concordes Hamilton Tiger Cats CFL
Glenn Keeble Verdun Maple Leafs Montreal Alouettes CFL
Doug Scott Verdun Maple Leafs Montreal Alouettes CFL
John Faubert Ottawa Sooners Toronto Argonauts CFL
Danny Ferdinand Montreal Jr. Concordes Ottawa Rough Riders CFL
Tommy Kane Montreal Jr. Concordes Seattle Seahawks NFL
Mike Blum Ottawa Sooners Ottawa Rough Riders CFL
Bruno Heppell St. Hubert Rebels Montreal Alouettes CFL
Michel Lamy Montreal Jr. Concordes Ottawa Rough Riders CFL
Barry Ardern Ottawa Sooners Ottawa Rough Riders CFL
Chris Tangaris Laval Scorpions Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL
Rahsaan Giddings St. Hubert Rebels Montreal Alouettes CFL
Mike Sutherland Ottawa Sooners Ottawa Renegades CFL
Pat Woodcock Ottawa Sooners Ottawa Renegades CFL
Pat Fleming Ottawa Junior Riders Ottawa Renegades CFL
Scott Gordon Ottawa Junior Riders Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL



I just noticed that the Ottawa Jr. Riders play out of Beckwith, a small town to the west of Ottawa. I took my dog for a walk on a trail out there one day last year and wondered why such a small town had such a nice football field.



Northshore Broncos :+1:

Ian Beckles - who played for the Eagles at one point. Went to high school with him.

Montreal Jr Concordes - Denny Ferdinand lived 2 doors down from me when I was growing up.

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Week 1 Results
Riders 32 over Bataillon 6
Packers 16 over Loups 0

Week 2:

Saturday August 27

Ottawa Junior Riders (1-0) at Les Loups du Nord (0-1), 4:30 PM EDT, ST-JEAN-VIANNEY COLLEGE

Raiders Junior de Châteauguay (0-0) at Quebec City Battalion (0-1), 7:00 PM EDT, Patro Charlesbourg

Saturday's Results

Raiders 2, Battalion 20

Junior Riders 22, Loups du Nord 0



Here's this weekend's schedule:

Saturday 5 September 6:00 PM EDT

South Shore Jr. Packers at Quebec City Battalion

Sunday 6 September 2:00 PM EDT

Ottawa Junior Riders at Raiders Junior de Châteauguay

Last week's results:

Ottawa Jr. Riders 29 - Raiders Junior de Chateauguay 18
South Shore Packers 42 - Quebec City Battalion 0

Ottawa Jr Riders
South Shore Packers
Quebec City Batallion
Raiders Junior de Chateauguay
Les Loups du Nord

Thanks for the list. But I believe there were also:

Brad Upshaw Verdun Invictus Alouettes
Jim McKean NDG Maple Leafs Alouettes - Sask.
Ian Mofford Verdun Maple Leafs Alouettes/Concordes - Ott. - Wpg.

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One more.

Bob McCarthy Ottawa Sooners Alouettes - Calg. - Edm. - Ott.

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It's been a few months since I have been on the CFL Forums.

I'm glad to here that Quebec will be coming back to CJFL. Anytime you have more development, the better for the future of football in Canada.

The QMJFL is not part of the CJFL, though it serves a similar age group.

If it's not part of the CJFL, will they be allowed to compete in the Canadian Bowl? Do we know why they are not part of it like the OFC, PFC, BCFC, that eventually compete for the Canadian Bowl? It would be weird if there not competing in the annual event.

No, they won't be part of the Canadian Bowl playoff. I believe I read somewhere that they wanted different age ranges than the CJFL was allowing, but I'm not positive on that.

Maybe @idealsheldon or @tony knows more about it.

At one time Junior football was a thing in Quebec, particularly the NDG Maple Leafs. Rivalries with the Ottawa Sooners. These days there is absolutely no mention in the media, you've been my source of information.

Interesting, as the Ottawa Sooners now (or is that "still"?) play in the CJFL, but Ottawa has the Jr Riders in the QMJFL.

This week's results:

South Shore Jr. Packer 33 - Ottawa Junior Riders 8

Raiders Junior de Chateauguay 43 - Les Loups du Nord 24

Standings after Week 4:

  1. South Shore Jr. Packers 3-0

  2. Ottawa Junior Riders 3-1

  3. Raiders Junior de Chateauguay 1-2

  4. Quebec City Battalion 1-2

  5. Les Loups du Nord 0-3