QEW / 403

It would be nice if there were signs on the QEW / 403 stating "WELCOME TO TIGERTOWN"

or something representing that the Tiger-Cats are apart of the City of Hamilton !! :thup:

They are a part of Hamilton even when they are apart from home at the away games!

This is just like the small difference when a player resigns and when a player re-signs.

Oskee wee wee.

Or like the difference between "then" and "than". I suspect that most people would not rather get a pat on the back then a kick in the butt.

Good idea. I have seen this in a number of cities. Indicates a sense of pride in your city and the teams in it. I remember a sign at the south end of Edmonton stating that it was the "City of Champions", and displaying all of their teams' logos. (Which, of course, was occasionally vandalized by visiting Calgarians, including at least once being changed to say "City of Chumps".)

Just a question of who pays to have the sign put up, and who pays to have it fixed or replaced if it is worn, damaged, or vandalized. The way your city council seems to turn its back on the Ticats, I wouldn't expect them to fund it.

I always wanted to see that empty wall that makes up the side of the Jolly Cut have something like. "Welcome to Tigertown" or "Oski Wee Wee!" just to break that dull grey. Too bad the anti-Tiger-Cats crowd at raise the hammer would never let it happen. Ahh well.


I drive through Regina on my way to work. With my observations from driving through there, they're great at showing some of their most successful players through a series of road signs. When driving into Regina from the south from Weyburn, and I think this sign is either on HWY 39 or HWY 6 by Wilcox, (any CFL fans from southern sask out there please help me out with this), there is a sign with a picture of Dave Ridgway and something posted along the lines of "124,000 career kickoff yards, the distance from here to Taylor Field (or Mosaic Stadium)". When driving into Regina from the north on HWY 11 from Saskatoon, I'm almost certain there sign with a picture of Ray Elgaard and his 13,198 career receiving yards. The sign also has something along the lines of, "The distance from here to Taylor Field..." etc. There are probably signs on the trans canada but I don't drive it enough to remember if there is.

Anyway, I would greatly appreciate honoring TigerTown and honoring ticat all time greats with signs and their specific accomplishment's through town! It would add a nice touch to most beloved City!!! :smiley:

I totally agree, I recall Bob Young and Mayor Bratina mentioning signs during one of the Stadium press conferences. Hoping we will see something soon!!

In addition, why wat until the new stadium is built!!


The signs on the Trans Canada are Ron Lancaster and George Reed. Ron Lancaster Heading from the West into Regina, Reed coming into Regina from the East.

There is also a road sign at the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan (don't know if it is still there), that says "Welcome to Saskatchewan, home of the 2007 Grey Cup Champions". The two provinces made a bet that the loser had to erect a sign at the border welcoming drivers into the Grey Cup Champion's province. Not to mention the town of Rosetown that repainted their water tower with the Rider colours/logo, and the twin towers in Regina that got a makeover during the centennial season.

It's nice to see signage/the logo everywhere, it definitely does give off a sense of pride as you said (although not as much during a 5-13 season)....

Man, I'd love to see that kind of stuff in Hamilton. All's we got at are signs that dot the downtown core. It also depresses me at just how few of those signs are for the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Remember when the buses were painted Tiger-Cat colours

I saw a Ticats car flag on a City of Hamilton sign, I guess thats it :thdn:

Here is the thing that I think sums up the ubiquity of the Riders in Saskatchewan:


Loved those buses.

How about Grey Cup Champions 99.

Pat Lynch(the old guy who feels 98)

I doubt that you are correct. I don't think you can spend more than a few years in Hamilton without having a good chance of knowing who the Tiger-Cats are. Whether or not you like them is a different story.

But supposing you are correct that there aren't many who would know, wouldn't the point of putting up a sign be to make sure that more people do?

I agree that "Grey Cup Champions 98" is not a very inspiring text, in part because it's false. They played in the Grey Cup game that year, but didn't win. On the other hand, the slogan

"Grey Cup Champions
1953, 1957, 1963, 1965,
1967, 1972, 1986, 1999"

might look a little better, and it has the additional benefit of being accurate.

How about " WELCOME TO TIGERTOWN " for starters :thup: :thup:

I’d settle for the updated population numbers.