Darian Durant - 30
Drew Willy - almost 26
J.T. O'Sullivan - 33
Levi Brown - 25

what do you do?

JT has a cannon for an arm and some experience. Is he tradeable? He hasn't really played, so unlikely, but perhaps he can be packaged with say Baker, Moss or one of the DT, which the Riders now have too many of...I mean come on...your PRing Veikune...he was the best linesmen early in the season.

Say Willy plays some more and impresses...is Darian trade bate in the off season?

The Riders are in a situation where they have 2 competent QBs, and 2 other guys that might actually be good in themselves.

Personally I would get rid of JT.. He is older than we really need. Having a third string QB who has only ever played a few snaps in the CFL who is already over 30 just doesn't seem smart to me. Generally speaking QBs who are over 30 already don't tend to come up here(without prior experience) and end up playing well, I haven't really seen that done. Most of the great QBs in this league came up here younger (like 25ish) as a backup, then became a starter after a few years.

I still wouldn't get rid of DD even though he is starting to become semi injury prone. I still believe he could be a great QB in this league! I would like to give him another year to prove this!

I'd keep Willy as a backup he looks promising and I think with him playing well Durant might start feeling the fire and maybe it will amp his game up! and if it doesn't than Willy can take over!

I like Levi Brown, he is young and has a cannon arm I would have rather seen him get the third roster spot over O'Sullivan.. I guess experience is nice to have but its not CFL experience so in my eyes he is on the same level as Willy and Brown.

I'm thinking that the Riders will not have one of eighther Durant or Willy come the completion of the Ottawa draft. Each team can only protect 1 Q.B. With the draft after the end of next season. Will be interesting to see how this all shakes out as to who to protect at that time.

I would suspect that the expansion draft will be put off for another year due to delays in cat Frank Clair due to the stupidity of the protestors. That is of course pure speculation.

That being said, I believe Mike Reilly will be the man looked at first, then McPherson pending AC's status. Also, they could protect both if they chose. Also, an added bonus to having a QB drafted is you can protect an additional 2 NON-imports.

As it stands right now, if the draft were at the end of the season, I would protect:
6-Willis (if he does not run with FA status)
7-Milt Collins

you are only going to lose 1 import...I feel the rest can be replaced, as much as it does hurt to lose guys that you developed, and this club really is that...a lot of guys, especially on D, they the club developed.

If you package those guys, what teams would be interested and what would you look for in return? Where do you believe we are weak in starting personal or thin if injuries occur? Just curious! Say if you were to pick our weakest link what would it be? I'd say DB'S, maybe DL's how do you rate our Canadian content?

Who knows which teams Ottawa will raid for QB. I think BC, Montreal will be raided before us.

30 is not old for a QB in the CFL. Look at Calvillo, Austin,,Burris, Allen, etc, etc. Keep DD and Willy, dump O'Sullivan.

O’Sullivan is not trade able, at least not for anything of value. I think he’s the ideal 3rd QB anyways, he has plenty of experience and won’t get rattled easily, and his primary role is to help out the other two. If worst comes to worst and he has to go in with injuries to DD and Willy, he will likely not be crushed under the pressure like a young guy would be.

Honestly...package them for a draft pick.

30 is not old, if you have been playing in the CFL a few years. JT was brought in for some experience at backup, which was a really smart move. There were some concerns with DD, and the other guys have nothing for pro game experience...JT at least has some. He is a solid QB, and I could see him being of value to a team like the Bombers should they decide to dump Buck next year...which I believe they will. Heck, the Esks might even have some interest in him...they just traded away Carr, so another WR in the pot might be alluring as a package.

All I am saying is I hope they are at least looking at this. Trade deadline is Oct 10th, and while you do not often see big moves on the deadline in the CFL, it can happen. I would think if nothing else, do it next season, but it is kind of a shame to keep a QB perpetually on the 9 game just to protect him (which is total BS IMO...clubs should not be able to get away with this).

IMHO - keep them all until end of the season, then evaluate on performance, pay & age - then make your decision.

The Bombers will be looking for a new QB in the off season. Make a decision on who to trade after the season is done and what positional gaps we need filled for 2013. The Esks may be looking as well - time will tell. Tillman does not give anything away for free though. Baring injury, the rest of the teams have their QBs - unless Hamilton wants to dump Smilin' Hank's huge salary. :lol:

In this league, any QB is only 1 hit away from a bad injury and not being able to play. We need them all right now to make a run for a play off spot.


That is why I say keep Willy. He is not a starter....YET... he will be, but I think he needs maybe one more year to learn the game, and he needs to be played in the next year in order to grow. DD is our starter now, and he should be. Next year I think it would be risky to trade him away since we want to play in the GC at home, he gives us the best chance to. And like you said, every QB is one hit away from being done, we need a good back-up, which Willy is a very good back-up. I say next year just release JT, it was smart bringing him in this year, but I think Levi would be a good third stringer.

Xavier Fulton is an import player I would not like to lose and I suprised he is not on the list above.This guy has been very solid playing left Tackle, and I have been watching him put in some fine efforts for the cause