Hey. I was in Jamaica for a few weeks enjoying the fun and sun, it's so beautiful out there. Pretty funny sitting on the beach and a dude who looked like bob marley asks if i need any green man. Good times. Anyways...


Noticed that the esks traded ray to the argos.. for jyles,shaw and the 2nd overall pick.

Noticed Burris is probably done in Calgary and will probably be off to hamilton, gut says he goes to SASK tho.

I've also noticed some topics on here stating that Brink may be a sought after player in free agency... I have to disagree, as honestly what has BRINK shown, he hasnt won any of his starts, and has only been around for 2 years really.. Honestly i see no interest in Brink from other teams.

I just get the feeling that if given the choice, say sign here or sign elsewhere.. well brink would sign here. I mean lets be honest here, with BUCK as the number 1 guy (and he will be, my guess he's already "re signed" but they havent announced it yet for cap or tax purposes). Brink and Ellliot for that matter, would be stupid to sign elsewhere.

Lets look at the teams in the league..

BC.. LULAY, Jackson and Reilly(who they like a lot) <--- no chance.
Edm.. Jyles(tillman loves him,he's the starter) Joseph and Nichols(who they like also) <-- no chance
Calgary Tate, Burris( as of now,honestly i think at 38 or whatever he's done) and sinopoli?<-- some interest but i highly doubt it. Just dont see calgary going after a younger qb when they have 2 already and the one guy(tate) looks to have a bright future.
SASK..Durant, Bergquist, Dinwiddie. <-- again with Durant and a younger bergquist, if anything these guys will be looking for a veteran presence( burris maybe??) so i see very little interest in one of our guys.

Tor.. Ricky RAY.. so nope, no interest.
Ham.. as of today, Glenn, Porter. Dont think they roll the dice on a 2nd year player either ( dont see glenn and porter being moved unless its to calgary for burriss or montreal for mcpherson.) why would they go after a guy who has proven very little. Unless they severly overpay, i dont see it.
Montreal.. AC.. so really why would anyone go there with AC back for another year.

I think Bombers will resign all 3.

Buck is guaranteed. Brink and Elliot, both understand i think playing behind BUCK,well, they have a better chance in playing here than anywhere else cuz lets face it.. as much as some people think...brink and elliot are just 2nd year guys.. they arent starters yet.. they may be ready soon but not yet and i dont see them leaving winnipeg, new stadium, grey cup finalists, just the full houses they play too here, the fan support, i just dont see either of them moving to a new team to be a backup as well. take off the blue colored glasses and realize that both brink and elliots best and i'd say only shot at starting in 2012 is with the winnipeg blue bombers.

The only way i see these guys leaving is if MACK decides to let them go.

But, if anyone truly believes that any team in the league is gonna give one of brink or elliot a shot at starting in 2012, you gotta be kidding me.