Maybe il'll be a good idea to play Adrian McPherson against Toronto,don't wait at the end or worst untill Calvillo get hurt..like Déja vue!

I agree...given the level of opposition and the Al's current position in the standing, it would be the perfect time to give MacPherson some reps.

That being said...won't happen :roll:

Maybe Trestman will fool all of us (and the Argos) and give Chris Leak the start. . .

Great suggestion re giving Leak and MacPherson playing game experience. WE have sown up first place with several games to go- lets have MacPherson in the first half and Leak the second. Calvillo will use remaining games to stay active while perhaps letting the other two enter the games when/if the Als have already won the games by 3/4 time.

Let's not get too cocky, here. Argos have a great defence and their offence should have at least one good game all year. Besides they still need a win today and a Hamilton loss to officially clinch first place.

I think what some of us are saying is. We don't want to be in a situation in the post season sitting at half time, Calvillo with 70 yards and six points at half time with his head down. He's had six shots at it and probably has the dubious distinction of having the most GC loss in CFL history. What is wrong with having a backup who can come in and help out ?

Also how do we convince these young guys they have a future here ? How do we get them to stick it out and re-up ?

The only way that happens is if we build one up and that happens with game and seat time.

There is also the injury risk.

I think it would be stupid and selfish to keep riding AC through the last five games if the Als clinch.

However I don't think it will happen with Trestman trying to make a name for himself and Calvillo and Popp looking at the record books with AC. No doubt in my mind they will take the selfish approach.

I want to take this issue even further. After they Calgary game or after clinching Division (whichever comes last), they should hold all starters for the rest of the regular season. Let the second and third stringers play. Even if they lose, so what? They won't get the perfect season anyway.

Let us consider this as a "pre-season on steroids". There are two purposes of this exercise. First is to train all the players to be ready should the bad thing happens (remember the Bombers and Dinwiddie at 2007 GC?) and second is to preserve the starters from injuries for playoffs. Cobourne's injury just proves my points, IMHO.

This is the CFL, If you sat 24 starters you would not have enough players left :slight_smile:

Reading material on the Argos posting indicates their fans are looking at MacPherson as their QB next year!

Can you imagine. You invest 3 years as an org in a guy and he walks away cause you didn't include him when you could. Look around the CFL. Last time a Backup QB with 3 years of CFL schooling was moved (Lefors) he was worth first round picks.

Understand your point and while I agree with you to a certain extent, I disagree about sitting them out for the REST of the regular season. I think they should rest some key starters now (ie. Cavillo, Cobourne, Richardson, Cahoon) but definitely get them in the last couple of games in order to shake off any rust.

Well, he was traded for first round picks. . . I'd hesitate before saying he was WORTH two first round picks. . .

Reply to HfxTC and Crimson_Fox:

Pardon my exuberance.

I do not really mean ALL starters shall not play in ALL remaining 4 games after Calgary. What I mean is for the team to go back to training camp or pre-season mode. That is, second and third stringers are given much of the responsibilities on the field. Also, the coaches can do some experiments with real-live opponent. Basically, those games will be a month-long heavy practice for the Division Final and Grey Cup games.

Six weeks to develop new plays and twists ! That's a luxury that no one has ever had going in to post season. That is TWO full weeks more than a full training camp. I hope they find ingenious ways of using the time.

The other argument in favor of Calvillo sitting for portions of the remaining games involves his own health. Yesterday, he was sacked four times and hit on other occasions. We don't want other teams' defenses getting that many shots at potentially injuring our 37-year-old meal ticket. It's just as important to limit the wear and tear on A.C. as it is to give McPherson some quality playing time.