QBs who played for both SSK and MTL

What’s the deal with all the back & forth between these two teams over the past few years?

  • Vernon Adams: Starts CFL career in MTL in 2016, has to ride the bench in SSK in 2017 before being allowed to be a real starter back in MTL.

  • Brandon Bridge: Starts with MTL in 2015, plays a few years in SSK before coming back to MTL this season for potentially the last stop of his career.

  • Darian Durant: Whole career in SSK, comes to MTL in 2017 for his final season (not counting the WPG bonus incident).

  • Kevin Glenn: Tail end of his career includes SSK/15, MTL/15-16, SSK/17.

  • Bonus round: Drew Willy starts his career in SSK (2012-13), comes to MTL to watch it die (2018 ).

I know this is the CFL and players move around a lot, but this seems to go beyond mere chance. Do the two teams have some kind of QB development deal in place?

Last question: How is it that 3DownNation did not come up with this lame story idea as another excuse to include SSK in a headline for clickbait purposes?

Joe Barnes.

I would say it has to do with both teams struggling at that position for at 5+ years and attempting to search for the next Durant or Calvillo. Glenn just serves as a temporary QB while they tried to sort it out

Well, gosh, even Durant didn’t turn out to be next Durant for us! ;D

Wow. Joe played in Sask?

Jimmy Kemp. Nealon Greene, too, IIRC.

Joe Barnes played in Regina in 1981 under Joe Faragalli. The other pivot was John Hufnagel. The team finished the season at 9-7 and were outraged when both Ottawa and Montreal qualified for the playoffs ahead of them, despite having losing records.

Saskatchewan fans remember the tandem as “J.J. Barnagle”.

Yup , sure did in 80 and 81 or there about .

Here ya go . Proof positive , Barnes pictured with some other guy name of Hufnagel talking to Riders HC Joe Faragalli .

I always liked hufnagle. He played gutsy.

Ha ha I used to underestimate when he came to town to play Ottawa: like, he wasn’t Joe Barnes, he wasn’t Tom Clements. But he whupped the Red Riders with regularity, dang it.

Maybe but Barnes was the better QB. Baled Huff out many times

Who were/are the Red Riders?

just in case you really don’t know

Yep 81 the shoe that dropped first . Terrible optics for the league that hurt it’s integrity . Even Calgary had a better record at 6-10 .

Those two teams were awful .

The last three teams in the east combined for 10 wins .

Ottawa upset Hamilton and win in the Grey Cup would have made the regular season about as meaning less as one can get .

It is kind of a weird thing. Kevin Glenn played for everyone though, 3 stints with the Riders.

Glenn is a gimme - you could take almost any two teams in the league and make a claim about him playing for both.

What’s weird about SSK-MTL is the number of “return trips.” Quite common for a QB to go from Team A to Team B in the CFL. I would say it’s rare to make a return trip (A-B-A). And there have been three return trips for SSK-MTL in recent years (Glenn, Adams, Bridge).

Not too many other return trips. Collaros (TOR-HAM-SSK-TOR) and Reilly (BC-EDM-BC) come to mind but those were 6-7 year voyages.