Qb's sliding

I absolutely hate this more than anything else in sports, except maybe diving in soccer. But still when a qb runs for 14 yards and then slides and waits for someone to touch them…it just irritates me.

I know its “protecting the qb” but why? the running back gets hit more and harder when they run…why can’t they? same with recievers? i say suck it up Qb’s…

I propose a rule…its now a 5 yard penalty for “unsportsmanlike conduct” (sorry couldnt think of anything better) anytime the qb runs across the line of scrimage and downs the ball before making any contact with a member of the opposing team.

Sorry guys this was more of a rant that an actually suggestion but it really does bother me that they can run past the line of scrimmage knowing they can just drop to the ground when they are gonna get hit.

does this bother anyone else or am i alone on this? :oops:

Actually anyone can slide at any time and the same rule applies

I was going to say that. It was my understanding that anyone could do that.

Didn't a Toronto receiver catch a hook pass tonight and go to the ground before anyone touched him?

we’ll i say abolish it for everyone then…take your licks

Remember Dave Dickinson He used to run the ball and get smoked running for a few extra yards instead of sliding look where it got him! You may not like it but if your lucky enough to have a versitile QB that runs, what sense would it make if he got himself hurt and out of the game? A QB has to keep his wits about him at all time he make plays and essentially run the offense, he can't do that when he's seeing stars after he gets hit. Running backs are a dime a dozen compared to QB's you do the math

I think it would pretty much prevent many QBs from ever taking off with the ball. That would make for some boring offenses.

Any player can also take a knee at any time.

What pisses me off most about the CFL is great punt returns being brought back because of stupid holding or illegal block penalties. I say the league should get rid of those penalties and just start fining the players who commit the penalties. Nothing more frustrating than seeing a 50 yard return brought back. :x

Hook slides don't bother me at all.

uh no!

Then they will hold and block illegally on every kick and the team will pay the fine.

Its worth it if you need a TD, dont you think?

If I was a GM I'd pay $2,500.00 for a TD in a crucial game.

Well, clearly most of that was just me ranting. I hate seeing great returns wiped out. But what do you mean if you need a TD?

WEll obviously you always need a TD but late in the game down by a few points, on the kick off, all ya gotta do it trip, hold, tackle the defenders and have your returned take it back for a TD, The team pays the fine and you get the TD....

Of course, now that you scored you have to kick off and the other team does the same thing

The only thing I hate about QBs sliding is that they always seem to be given the extra 2 or 3 yards they slide where they can't be hit. I say mark them down when and where they first begin their slide. If not, you should be able to hit them as they're sliding to limit the slide by two yards.

They are supposed to be maked down where the hit the ground if they slide.

If they go head first, they are down where they are touched

I believe you can hit them, as long as they slide head first.

Really? I'm sure I've seen that penalized before.

Isn't it foot-first hook slide you are down where you hit the ground but head first you are live until you are touched?

Yes and no, you can be called for unnecessary roughness.

I think that in certain situations, as well as protecting the QB the slide protects the possession of the ball as there's less chance of a fumble without the impact of a hit. For a team that's ahead and just wanting to maintain possession to run the clock out, it's probably a lot riskier when the QB takes a hit instead of sliding. JMO