QB's Saturday Night

I have never seen a situation where a team is ahead at half time by 27 points, and the QB is pulled because he isn't performing!!

I guess it was mostly due to the defence, but strange. I believe Bishop has finally stepped up as the starter (for this week anyway). He should be the guy from now on.

Miller has his head up his bung hole.

In 2 consectuive weeks he has pretty much crushed his young QBs notion of their head coach having any confidence in them.

Nothing like having 3 different starters in the last 3 weeks of the regular season.

Yes the win was great to see.

Yes Bish looked good

But we all know what Bish bings to the table, one great drive, 2 and out 2 and out, long bomb 2 and out, great drive. Or spectacular one game and completely flat the next. He is the most inconsistent performing QB I have ever seen and its frustrating because when he looks good he could easily be one of the best QBs in the league.

I feel bad for Jyles and Durant. I don't think MIller had any intention of truly handing the reigns to either of them. I don't really understand what he has been doing at QB? I mean yes it has worked out but who in their right mind is playing musical chairs at QB when you are fighting for a home playoff spot and trying to get your team tuned up for the playoffs?

it made sense to put Bishp in when they had the big lead because this is the QB they will be going with come playoffs, so they wanted to see how well he plays and he did very well, Jyles was just okay but i was not impressed, the defence early in the game set the stage and gave us this win bigtime, Bishop starts come playoffs and Durant should be second

Boone, boone, boone, you'll never be satisfied. Miller has forgotten more about coaching than you or I will ever know in the first place in our lifetimes. I'll take his calls over yours ... or mine ... any time.

You say he has shattered their confidence. I say he has educated them and prepared them to play a role when called upon. You can see it as idiodic or you can see it as incredible long-term vision. He is using the regular season to prepare a complete team for the post-season because that's the season that counts.

I really think people with these kinds of concerns just aren't seeing it from within this specific locker room. You and I just don't know what is said and what players feel. From what I have read from all three qb's (including Durant after he settles his emotions), they aren't taking the "benchings" nearly as personally as some fans who are all concerned for them are and they aren't taking them as "benchings" - a perjorative term - at all. They have been in the meeting rooms, in the film studies, on the practice field with Miller every day. I can only guess, but it is just as plausible that they see how Miller sees it, even if some of us refuse to, and they don't take it as an insult, but as an exercise of the coach's discretion to ensure the ultimate objective - winning the Grey Cup - is achieved. Not over one game but over the course of the season. It may not be conventional but they also see that it is working.

Just another perpsective.

Bishop was on fire in that 2nd half, he should definately start against toronto.

What he said.

Besides if you leave you QB in for the entire season then his head starts to swell...making it a bigger target.

I'm totally OK with how KM is handling the situation.

All of these guys are professionals, if getting yanked after a few questionable plays is gonna effect your attitude or how you come back to play when called upon, then IMO you are not here for the team, unless of course you let it effect you in a positive way.

Should Wes Cates be upset that Stu Foord carried the ball in the last quarter?....I certainly hope not.

When your # is called, it's time to preform, when it's not called it doesn't make you any less of a teammate it just means it's not your turn, there are lots of other ways in which to contribute. They will call your # when they feel it's right.

Kudos to our coaching staff.

Bishop went 9 for 10 and 2 touchdowns. Sound pretty good to me, and most importantly, no interceptions

The offense stalled after going to the backups in the 4th quarter so those stats mean nothing. By then 'riders were content to run out the clock, not turn over the ball, and most importantly, keep the stretcher bearers off of the field.

Some people question pulling Jyles when up by over 2 dozen points... well, coach Miller made it very clear; if you throw interceptions, you can stand on the sidelines and watch the game with him. If I got that message, I assume the QBs did too. Some will argue that looking over your shoulder is not a good thing, but personally I think it is. I know it motivates me not to slack off on my job knowing that there are 10 other guys standing in line for my job if I faulter... competition is good (unless you are a socialist).

Bishop is by far the better QB... his past has demonstrated it both professionally and in college and he has not played awful for the 'riders. At times he has been great and in one game, he probably had the best game of any QB in the league this year IMO.

He will be the guy for the playoffs. If the 'rider win in the playoffs, then those who condemned Bishop and Coach Miller will of course be silent. If the 'riders lose in the playoffs, then those who condemn Bishop will be after his and Coach Miller's heads, also forgetting of course that this year, Montreal, BC and Calgary are overall better teams and have been all year. How can I say that? The 'rider D line sucks (time to cut Scott Schultz loose). The 'rider special team play sucks, and our 3 veteran O'linemen (O'day, Makowsky and Abou-Mechrek) are perhaps the most overrated veterans in the league. The only bright spots the 'riders had all year was Luca Congi, Weston Dressler, the entire linebacker corps and Richie Hall.

I disagree, but your is just a different view on things from mine. I personally have lost my confidence in Miller over the last couple months.

I do think that Bish deserves the start against TO next week and I do hope he can continue to shoot the lights out. But I don't really have confidence in any of our QBs at the moment. I don't think there is a legitimate starter in the bunch at the moment. I do think that getting our key players healthy again is going to make a big difference regardless of who is at QB.

Miller has wanted Bishop to be the guy all along. I'm pretty sure he was expecting to pull Jyles at some point in the game. Durant has had a chance and played poor, Jyles had a chance and didn't do anything great so now Bishop will start the rest of the way. Now that everyone (including the team) has seen all QBs play more people will be on board with Bishop playing. I don't buy that Miller has been consistent in pulling his QB's when they throw interceptions. Bishop had 7 starts with many ints before being pulled.
I'm not a huge Bishop fan but I know that he is probably the only chance we have at winning the grey cup. It's risky because nobody knows if the good Bishop will show up but I'm not convinced that Jyles or Durant can get it done at this point.

Now you're focusing on the right place: the qb's themselves. If you are coaching 3 qb's none of whom have stepped forward to take the reigns, that is the problem. Miller might very well agree with you in your definition of the problem. And this problem is unlike most teams who have a known starter. Since the problem is unusual, the solution may very well need to be unusual. Which is exactly why Miller's method seems unconventional - because the problem is.

Exactly. It is a team sport. The qb is only one position and it feeds off of and feeds into the rest of the team. The better the supporting cast, the better the lead actor. Worked for Kerry last year, it can work for any of the qb's this year. I think the team is just getting back to hitting their stride and the timing is even better than BC's or Calgary's. Won't know for sure until the west playoff are finished, but they may have peaked too soon.

Order out of chaos, that's what we have here....Miller he has managed to take 3 flawed QB's, 2 large egos and combine them into 1 winning combination.

One starter of Ricky Rays caliber would be ideal, but with our 3 guys now accepting the roles asked of them, we suddenly are a dangerous playoff contender

Now you're focusing on the right place: the qb's themselves. If you are coaching 3 qb's none of whom have stepped forward to take the reigns, that is the problem. Miller might very well agree with you in your definition of the problem. And this problem is unlike most teams who have a known starter. Since the problem is unusual, the solution may very well need to be unusual. Which is exactly why Miller's method seems unconventional - because the problem is.
The problem is unconventional, so the solution may indeed need to be. But the problem is also 100% the making of ET and coach Miller in the first place. When we traded KJ, we were sold the bill of goods that Crandell was going to be as good, maybe better in the Miller offense. Then we cut him loose and are told it was because we needed a mobile QB. Now both those realities simply cannot be true. Then the merry go round with the qBs starts and continues. with one game left in the regular season, frankly, I have no idea who our starting QB should be, or will be. It'll probably be Bishop, but I personally think he is the poorest choice of the 3. History says he is incapable of playing more than one decent half of football in a row, so we got that yesterday. He will be entering uncharted waters for him personaly if he can play well two weeks, 3 quarters in a row.... Of course I have finally uncovered the criteria Miller is using to determine who rides the merry-go-round. You play until you throw 3 picks, then you go to third string. The number two guy goes to number one, and again plays until he throws 3 picks, while number 3 moves up to 2. Repeat. endlessly. When Jyles thew that 3rd pick (over two games) I predicted he would be pulled and he was. Durant threw 3 and was yanked. I haven't gone back and looked at Bishop's numbers yet, but who knows..... makes as much sense as anything else.

I don't know what QB you've been watching, but Bishop's past proves he was a good QB in college 10 years ago, and not really since. And he has played awful for the riders. He has been bad more often than good, and his production in a few games were as bad or worse than the numbers that supposedly cost Crandell his job. And he has not had one of the best QBing games in the league this year. I don't even know which game you are talking about. The winnipeg game? He had one good quarter, but was likely moments from being yanked in that one before he caught fire. The Calgary game? Great 1st half. Awesome! Second half? Got the job done. But not sensational. Overall, really good game. Best of the year/ Not so much. You need to watch Ricky Ray, Burris or Cavillo more often. Hell, Quentin Porter had a better game a few weeks ago...
Anyway, win or lose in the play-offs, it will remain the case that Miller's treatment of the QB situation has been a head scrather. I think Ken has done a fantastic job with the team this year. And the fact we have gotten this far despite the QB merry-go-round is a testament to how well he has done. Just think how far we might have gotten (1st place?) had we had an ounce of continuity at QB.

As for the o-line, they have been much better overall than last year, and I've been actually very pleased with Abou's play in particular. He has been playing hurt for weeks now, and I think they would sit him out if the other guys weren't also all dinged up. When Johnson was in there, we were very good, and it was a big boost getting him back yesterday. So I think your criticism is a little unfair there. The defence rocked yesterday. Ferocious is the best word, and they won us that game. The QBs were just okay. welcome back John Chick and Anton Mckenzie! So you are right on that one! We have the best linebacking in the league for sure! Mo is a monster out there!!

If anyone thinks I condemned the decision to change QB's, you're wrong. I was happy Bishop got to go in. Jyles was crap, against the wind at least. Pretty good with the wind. My son and I were joking that they should have Jyles in when we have the wind, and Bishop goes in when we're against the wind. Maybe we can plan the QB's to go in on certain situations, like a right-handed pitcher being brought in to face right-handed batters, etc. Each guy has his own strengths. They could interchange them the whole game. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (that's a joke)