QBs put on notice: Ken Peters

Pittsburgh native Creehan plans to make
the Cats' defence Steel Curtain North

January 09, 2008

Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

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Creehan said opposition quarterbacks better expect to
leave Ivor Wynne Stadium battered and bruised next season.

"The whole game really centres around pass rush
and pass defence from a defensive standpoint.

I have list after list of different ways we can pressure quarterbacks.

There isn't any question in my mind that pressure is the answer.

So we're going to bring the heat when we can," he said.

This is actually excellent news for the Ticats. A return to the in your face, down your throat, take no prisoners type of defence that the 'Cats have been famous for over the years and that has bowled over other teams in the past. The trainers for the other teams will have to stock up heavily on ice and tensors for this season and they better keep the stretcher handy. Ang Mosca will be proud!
I think Zeke Moreno set the standard for attitude last season for the D along with Armour and the heavy hitting Cody. I think with a few warm bodies to complement the nucleus and a little tweaking by a professional CFL experienced coach will set the other teams in the league on their heels this coming season.
Pair this type of defence up with the offensive strategies and playmaking that a healthy and fit squad is capable of under Coaches Taaffe and Bellefeuille and this has the makings of a very good season.
Wow, Bellefeuille was hard enough to spell, I wouldn't want to have to pronounce it!

Add my name to those that like what they hear! :slight_smile:

"Attitude determines the Altitude" :wink:

I'm optomistic! :thup:

Subject to further correction by any of our francophone Ticat fans, I believe, Bellefeuille is pronounced "bellFOY"

kicker, I found this similar pronunciation
at a website for broadcasters of NHL games.

'BEHL fay'

but I to recall it like you have it
only FOY was drawn out in a fancy way. :?


I am no francophone..I can't
understand french on the phone
let alone answer back in french. :oops: 8)

I anticipate an exiting season, but I did the same at this time last year as well.

I like both of our coordinators and in the right atmosphere, I think they will produce.

Bellefeuille's name generally sounds like Behl fay to me as well. But like most of you, I am listening to non-French speaking announcers.

Russ: Can you help us out here?

How does HE pronounce it? LMAO :wink: << The right answer.

"Belle-Fay" is how an anglicized family of french extraction might pronounce it.

"Belle-FAYYYuh" would be a more francophone pronunciation (stress on the "fay" with a tailing "uh").

No, I'm not a French pronunciation authority but I did say at a Holiday Inn Express last night. :wink: LOL

Oski Wee Wee,