QBs in training.

Hey guys, I know there is the other thread where you discuss day to day training camp, but I am specifically interested in how the QBs are doing each day and would appreciated day to day updates here on just the QBs.

I accept that Printers is the starter no matter what, and I hope for ticats and ticats fans sake that he does as well as expected, but I am also hope williams shows to be his equal. What a bonanza that would be for both ticats, and the league.

Also interested in how the ChangPorter fight for 3rd is going day to day.

This is not what you want to hear, but at least it will bump your thread.
I have not been to a practice or B&G game, but cast it in stone:
Casey starts when healthy every week...no questions asked.
Williams is the unchallenged #2.
He will mop up only.
Chang will be #3, hold for FGs and generally try to soak up as much as he can.
Porter will be on the reserve list, and if invited back next year will challenge for 2/3