QB's in the new year

with kelly and andrus now out of the picture, what happens to the starting QB's from toronto and winnipeg? or the backups? perhaps we see dinwitti come back... or ritche williams... willl anf other qbs be released or traded? whats about mass? does he have a future still? will printers start in 2010? durrant get picked up by the inferior NFL?

Will anyone start a canadian qb ever again? sign one? let one hold some water for the practice roster?

what will 2010 bring for the qb's. one thing to note... every QB that started at the end of 2008, eventually started in 2009. wouldnt some fresh qb blood be fun for us all?

My personal hope is someone will give Glavic and Michael Faulds a shot. Both are made for the CFL game and would help either team and in one or two years a much faster learning curve than a US college QB they might be starting.

i think the qb from queens would be great to see get some reps as well. his name started with a B i think..?

Why would you say the Nfl is inferior?But then you say they must start canadians as qb you are all over the place with this post.I dont think Durant will be picked up by anybody.....

So many questions, so little answers: gone; stay; nope; doubtful; probably; what about him?; yes; yes; no; no; no; if he doesn't spill any; a new season; YES!

There are plenty of young QB prospects on all teams. Most haven't played much so they aren't household names...yet.

It's possible Joseph and Bishop could be traded...for each other. But more likely they will be released with Buck Pierce being traded to the highest bidder.

I can't see the Argos going into battle with their existing QB's. They should trade for Pierce, but bring in another veteran just in case (Bishop?) and Reaves. Pickett doesn't seem to have quick enough feet.

Montreal, Hamilton and Edmonton are status quo, with Zabransky moving up to Eskimos backup.

Winnipeg would love to get Jarious Jackson, but BC will keep him as insurance against a Printers injury, with Travis Lulay as backup. The Bombers are stuck with nobody, although they have some youngsters with potential, and they could sign Joseph or Ben Sankey.

Sask and Calgary are interesting because they have no experienced backups. They were lucky last season, but they shouldn't take that chance and just "hope" one of their young QB's can play...although the list of available veteran QB's is pretty thin.

I dont think a CIS trained qb would get a chance.If Faulds was smart he would of went to A NCAA school and played or backed against better and faster players.I dont see how the rules in the cfl will help a CIS QB.Really a CIS trained QB has abetter chance of playing in the NFL than the cfl because of the current cfl rules in place.

Toronto and Winnipeg don’t have starting QB’s. Both have led winning teams with the right team around them, but neither is going to carry a team on their own and there just isn’t enough talent on both offenses for them to succeed.

Ritchie Williams & Jason Maas are good backups, but not starters. Bucky Pierce should retire from football, far too injury prone. Jarious Jackson is another guy who is a really good backup, but hasn’t show much when he’s starting.

Most CIS guys play for the love of the game whatever position, if they were supestars extraorindiare in high school they probably would have been offered a US college scholarship, albeit some may have turned it down depending on the specifics of the scholarship.

Bishop is interesting, the guy gets older but still has the hard bode of a linebacker. If I'm the Peg, he's my man this year. Toronto and Joseph, no idea. Pass on that analysis, suffice it to say even Calvillo in Toronto this year wouldn't make them a winner. We are great here in Hamilton with Glenn and Porter. Pierce, well not sure the status of his head injuries.

That Queen's University QB was Danny Brannagan. He is from Burlington, Ont., and was named the MVP of the Vanier Cup as the No. 4 Queen’s Gaels came from behind to defeat the No. 2 Calgary Dinos 33-31. In the final game of his CIS career, the fifth year accounting major threw for 286 yards and 3 touchdowns, including two in the second half as the Gaels overcame an 18 point half-time deficit.

I am from Kingston and went to Queen's. It was nice to see how Danny matured this year.


Let's throw another name in the mix....Benoit Groulx from Laval U.

But he's rumored to become the Qb coach next year at his alma-mater.

Durant is in his option year, but both he and the Riders expressed desire to extend. He's not an NFL flight risk, if only for that fact that he's 5'11", and no NFL GM is gonna wrap his head around that.

Faulds actually went to Toledo on a scholarship in 2003 and red shirted, but left after a year or two and transferred to Western Ontario. Bruce Gradkowski was a three year (03 to 05) starter at that time in Toledo and Faulds apparently didn't want to wait until 2006 to get a chance to play. In hind sight he was probably better than anyone Toledo has had since Gradkowski.

I'm pretty sure Pierce and Jackson will get released this year. Anybody want a fragile or a very inconsistant QB?


Ben Sankey, lol I swear that guy will still be playing back up in the CFL in 20 years.

i was being more “silly” when i called the NFL inferior. just joking around. sorry, i didnt mean to offend. so are we all agreed printers is the #1 in bc next year?

I agree he probably starts out that way. Not convinced he ends the season that way.

i always enjoyed watching sankey play when he was with the stamps. i didnt think they should have dropped him after the grey cup run in 08. where did he end up in 09?

Pumping gas somewhere…

Seriously though, he never made it out of Stampeder camp, which at the tim I thought was odd. I remember that last part of 2008 too, and for being a mid-season signing, I thought he played well. He certainly shredded the Riders in one second half that I recall.

CIS has been awarding scholarships for a while now, For sure Glavic wants a pro career, Sadly the best QB in CIS,BRANNAGAN is going into accounting(perhaps a faster release than D Mack and as mobil a Flutie! CIS QB,s KNOW they are descriminated against , EARL im beginning to think you are ANTI CIS and are really a argo fan