QBs in the CFL

CFL QBs with success have 1 or 2 qualities that is a must.

  1. Be able to move/run, create time etc ...
  2. If you are not quick you need a quick release.

Not sure if Mathews has either

Taking a too much time penalty with under 3 minutes to go is completely unacceptable even for pop warner players.

And yet he has made it from pop warner to college to professional football.
So 2 possibilities. either everyone has not been able to see what you do and they are wrong, or you're an idiot!

I'll take the latter.. Keep watching the game from your comfy couch, homeslice!

I'm sorry I forgot to mention I have been a season ticker holder since 1971, seen a lot QBs, truth hurts sometimes

The verdict is still out on Jeff that's for sure but he's got the chops if he has time to grow. And Ryan, the pros have been wrong before.

I am shocked you are not a GM or Coach in the CFL. I guess being a season holder means you know more then a coach or GM.

When you QB a Grey Cup winning team like our coach/GM then talk to us.

Sorry for believing in Austin and our players on the field...

Hi Garney

Sometimes they do but if choosing between a "fan" (air quoted because I'm having difficulty believing nobackup is one) and the pros... It's an obvious choice.

Watching Bo Levi Mitchell I am impressed with his quick release and arm accuracy on the long throws.
Our young Jeff Mathews needs time to develop ,years maybe like most QB's.
I see no reason for Ryan to be calling people names on this forum,still developing ?

The NFL is the top rated Professional football League in the world.
The CFL is 2nd only to the NFL
The Arena League doesn't count, because, it is played in a freaking Arena! :roll:
That is it for Pro football, yet every year about 5,000 College football players graduate and want to turn Pro
Many of them are outstanding College QB's!
On any given week in a Pro football season 1 QB will start for their team, 32 will start in the NFL and 9 will start in the CFL
Mathews is 1 of the elite 41 starting QB's on any given Sunday(or Tues. Thurs. Fri or Sat. :wink: ) that will be the #1 QB of a Pro Football team.(quite an accomplishment)
He is there because he has the potential to be a regular starting QB in this League in the eyes of Kent Austin, who aparently has a pretty good eye for these things.

Your so full of crap if you were a season ticket holder since 1971 and you just created an account on Sept 19, 2015 as a name nobackup1 your a plain TROLL

I just hope that Hamilton crushes the Riders....Why? I'm so sick and tired of this Kevin Glenn hogwash.
It's total Squeezed Fish play calling. Cheers Tiger Cat fans! :wink:

Give Jeff Mathews the opportunity he's a young QB and replacing Zach Collaro's who had a banner year for the Tiger-Cats and the numbers he put up in the CFL.

Mathews I'm sure will get it together next game, he has a good group of receivers and players, coaches around him that will make it happen.


Used to be know as wanker, too many posts were not published.

Ivor Wyne Section 7 row 45 seats 1-5 from 71 to closing

Dont really care that Austin has won Greys Cups as a player and coach. Having a complete rookie with not one pass to his credit in this league of 18 games is stupid. Cats would be better off just handing the ball off and hoping the D wins it.

Austin has done a great job here, progression over 3 years is all up but this is a mistake, having a D like this is special but they are going to need some help with the O.

Bolz anytime you want to compare notes on games no problem, idiot

Wanker huh.

I seem to remember a wanker, loved Kevin Glenn hated Henry Burris!

Same wanker?

Just out of curiosity, who should we have brought in to back up Zach Attack?

Well, that makes a lot of sense. I just took a look back at the illustrious posting history of "wanker".

The vast majority are posts trashing the team. Looks like you stopped right around the time we made our first Grey Cup run in the Fall of 2013. No doubt the success we've enjoyed since then has taken some of the wind out of your sails, until very recently. But during that season you certainly took your share of shots at Burris. Here's a couple, in case you've forgotten:

So you don't like veteran QBs destined for the Hall of Fame (and apparently the MOP award this season), and you certainly can't stand rookie QBs. Sounds like an inconsistency. Until one looks back at your broader history of comments, and the common thread becomes clear: you absolutely hate just about anyone who plays for the Tiger-Cats.

On a more positive note, based on your new user name you have become a "single issue candidate." If all your remaining posts this season are limited to criticism of the current starting QB, well I guess we're all better off than when you regularly took shots at most of the players on the team.

One last note - and this isn't a knock on you backup/wanker, but it relates to one of the final threads you posted in under your old name. That thread started with this immortal post from a "smokeystover" almost exactly two years ago:

Memo to coach

Please don't let yr personal loyalty to a kid who played for you in college blind you to your responsibility to the fans

Kent Austin is a great individual and an outstanding coach..but in this instance. The kid was a wasted space in the lineup...and Calgary figured it out real real fast

He was talking about a young Cornell product named Luke Tasker. Some would now say that Austin's judgment on that kid proved to be sound, even if he did set the world on fire in his first couple of games.

Ex Pat wrote:

He was talking about a young Cornell product named Luke Tasker. Some would now say that Austin's judgment on that kid proved to be sound, even if he did set the world on fire in his first couple of games.

Yep that Tasker kid sure is a dud! Only has 701 yards in the 8 games that he's played this season! :wink: :lol:

Even Mathews doesn't know if he's good enough to be a starting CFL QB yet. Hell, the jury's still out on Kevin Glen!

An Argo-Cat fan

A few things worth considering. In no particular order;

  1. There is a significant dilution when it comes to quarterbacking in the NFL. That has a trickle-down effect to the CFL. Example: Russell Wilson is Kevin Glenn. If not for the lack of prototype NFL QB's, Wilson would be in the CFL.

  2. College Coaches & by extension College programs are paid to win. Yes, of course producing players that make it to the NFL is BIG & a huge recruiting matter, it's aggregate numbers. Wins & Championships 1st. Then drafted players. A QB is no more worth than a DT or DE or OT. When they aggregate the #'s it doesn't matter.

  3. The hashmarks on the field. Why don't FBS QB's translate well to the NFL? See above then add the difference in hashmarks on the field.

  4. So when you do the math & begin to eliminate the spread or system QB's @ the big time schools, you start to look at the lowe team/conference schools. Those that used to be and still are the fertile ground of CFL development. Now the NFL is looking there. They never were before.

Anyways, just a few things to consider. I'd encapsulate all of this in one nice concise statement & opinion but I thinlk I'll just leave it here for discussion.

the jury is out on the jury

It sure would be sweet to see Jeff defy the odds and prove everyone wrong wouldn't it?

Mathews has started only 1 pro game.

It was against the league leading team, and in difficult whether conditions.

How on earth can anyone say the kid hasn't got it?

Even then, the Tiger-Cats almost wot his one.