QBs going forward

Any thoughts on how the BB will deal with all 3 QB heading into FA ?

They can’t keep all 3. And who knows what the QBs individually want. But who do you see management’s preferences to be?

I’m sure its been spoken about a lot of the main board, but what is the reasoning behind only 2 QBs on a roster?

Could we keep 1 of MN/ZC, Strev and keep McGuire as a PR QB?

I don’t want to lose McGuire yet, but I don’t think he’s done enough to earn a backup job anywhere yet. Give Strev 1 more year to learn to be more than 1 dimensional behind an experienced QB and run with Strev/McGuire for the future.

But I also don’t see MN signing a 1 year contract…ZC maybe?

I was referring more to Streveler, Nichols and Collaros.

all are going to be FA and they will be courted.

Strev is numero uno in my books. Sign him no matter what… McGuire next. I like what I have seen…Then let Zach and Matt scurry. Both are very accurate throwers and I am leaning towards Zach. Both are injury prone. It’s a toss up really.

So you would let both Nicholls and Collaros walk hey? Interesting.

Comparing Zach Collaros to Matt Nichols:

A plus associated with Zach is that he’s seventeen months younger having been born in August 1988. He was also at the helm when the Bombers finally did the job at the end of the season and won the Grey Cup. The negative though is that concussion problems are scary. One hard rap on the head may mean the end of his career.

The plus associated with Matt Nichols is that he’s had a greater body of work and thus a more statistically significant body of work with the Bombers to assess over the last few years. And it’s been very good. In fact it was excellent in 2019 before he suffered his season ending injury. He also has deeper roots in the community since his home is in Winnipeg while Zach’s is in Aurora just north of Toronto.


But there’s no way I’d let both walk. One certainly is needed.


Matt lives in Winnipeg year round?

So I’ve heard in the last few weeks.


Not what I meant at all. Don’t put words in my mouth…We should sign one of them. I prefer Zach But I would let them decide between themselves who wants to stay and who wants to go. If both want to walk,OK. I would be more attuned to signing Strev first.


Where then does Matt Nichols live?


The 2 QB rule on the roster affects other rules that need to be addressed.
So it wasnt well thought out.

1st rule as far as i know was that only one QB can be allowed on the field at anytime. That is an obsolete rule that needs to be changed regardless.

2nd rule that really needs to be changed under the only 2 QBs on the roster.
Is that any player that is not listed as a QB cannot practice at the QB spot.
Which gets confusing with wildcat things. Meaning as far as i can try to under stand if in a Wilcat formation. At least one listed QB on the roster has to be in the game.

Idk if all this is correct. Its really confusing.

Anyway back to the Bombers QB situation.
If these obsolete rules are lifted. Or watever.
Strevler could be listed as a RB and be in the backfield.
But also he can continue as the short yardage QB and the package that was designed.

In short. Nichols wouldnt have to come out of the game just to get Strev on the field. & that seemed to be the case.

The 3rd String QB for the saints does multiple things on offence but Brees doesnt have to come out to get him in.
Strev is an offensive weapon like that. So he should be able to expand wat he does no matter wat he is listed as on the roster.

…Running against popular opinion…Matt Nichols is NOT A FREE AGENT…He is signed for one more year and is due a bonus in Jan/…soooooo.we have to deal with him NOW…Either we pay him his bonus and re-up him or move on…Quite frankly I think a qb. with serious injury problems , the latest being a severe injury to is throwing arm…it may be time to move on…Ink Streveler and McGuire and bring in a third and put him on the pr…Just my opinion and strictly from a business stand point…Matt is a great guy and it’s not easy to part with him …BUT football is a business …just my opinion

…As well…media reports out of T.O. the other day (Jim Toth) says Zack back to the Argos is a done deal…so here’s that…I don’t see how this guy knows…He might have an insider in the Argo organization… BUT technically (unless there’s an over riding agreement in the contract clause that sent Collaros to the Bombers) he’s still a free agent…Can’t sign anyone until Feb. if you are an fa

I agree! It also impedes the possibility of Canadian QBs getting spots on the roster let alone any playing time.


Another change that absolutely positively has to be made therefore is to enable the allowance of a third QB if he’s a Canadian.


That would be a disaster for the Bombers unless the team re-signs Collaros. I don’t think Chris Streveler can be the regular starting QB of a contending team.


…That’s where we disagree…This is only Chris’s second year here…His game is running for sure BUT he can also pass and has shown that in a Cup game…*see td pass to Harris surrounded by two defenders)…He will get better as the year progresses…You’re also forgetting McGuire…We haven’t seen much of this guy but believe me from what we have seen he has ton’s of potential…(I know potential will get you a look and a cup of coffee) BUT when ever he hit the field his presence was noteworthy…Big guy with one helluva arm…So we wait and see what Walters has to say…Should hear about some signings before xmas I would imagine

Hmmm…according to this article Nicholls will be a FA in 2020

I have great faith in Strev. He’s our future…AND he had as much to do with, maybe more, winning the Cup as Zach did. Strev can easily be our starter. Will there be bumps ? Of course. If Zach is gonzo, then Matt is back but in a lesser roll… I think we need to groom our up and coming QBs and not let them wander away.

I’m with Papa on this !

Yup. I cant agree more. The CFL tookba huge step in last Contract with players the eliminated the special QB category. & making QBs a part of the game day roster ratio.
Now restricting to two is a step backwards.
Now a little longer rule was put into place a few years ago that Every CFL team bring in at least one CIS QB for TC. a tiny step most coaches didnt take advantage of.
Having a designated spot on the CFL roster for a Candian QB has never been officially made a rule.
But Montreal has kept HUGO Richard on their PR the Whole season. With a couple of call to the game day roster due to injury. But he he never played a down. Not as a short Yardage QB, Safety, or on Special Teams.
Of course being on the PR he has also worked as a safety on Scout teams.
In Toronto the did keep 4 QBs on the 46 including O’Connor. But He was a healthy scratch for most of the season until the last game or two.
Now this season Chris Merchant has exhausted his 5th CIS season and is a FA to sign with any team.
I the CFL is goung to force 1 now to global players onto the 46. Is an obstacle again for Canadian QBs. If your gona give those horrible Mandated Roster Spots. It makes zero sense not to do something similiar for canadian QBs.

Well first the list of teams Free Agents has not been very accurate.
In the case of Nichols he may be like Charleston Hughes were he was thought to be a free agent but sources say he has resigned in Sask. Yet no official announcement has been made.
I dont see the Bombers keeping Collaros.
It will likely be Nichols back with Stevler as number 2. Expanding on his package of plays provinding him an Nichols can be in the game at the same time.
Strev can do so many different things. But is still verybyoung so I eould never rule out him being a starting QB in the CFL.