QBs for 2018...the shakedown will begin in February

Here’s how I see it shaking down for 2018 starting from west to east.

BC…Travis Lulay will retire from playing and take a QB coaching role with Jonathan Jennings getting another contract and undisputed starter

Calgary…BLM no doubter

Edmonton…Mike Reilly will remain the starter

Sask…Kevin Glenn will stay but as a mentor and back up to James Franklin who will be signed as a FA

Winnipeg…Matt Nichols will remain the starter

Hamilton…the most interesting of the 9 teams…Manziel will be signed and battle Masoli for the starter job but Masoli will prevail. Manziel will stick around and eventually become a starter someplace.

Toronto…Ricky Ray will stay but become a mentor to Brandon Bridge who the Argos will sign as a FA. Lots of reasons for this signing. The kid can play and he’s from the Toronto area so selling tickets becomes as important

Ottawa…Harris is the starter and will be resigned

Montreal…QB is only one of thier problems. Collaros will sign with the Als and get pounded because he has nothing around him

I think I have all the QBs right on who is a FA and who isn’t.

Those sound like solid possibilities to me.


I could see Sask re-signing Banks since he's performed well for them.

And then Montreal and Toronto would by vying for Collaros and Franklin.

As an outside shot, I could see Wally doing something drastic in BC, like signing Franklin and releasing Jennings (if he feels Jennings will never get back to his old form).

I agree with most:
BC/CAL/EDM/WPG/TOR/OTT stay status quo

SK: agree Glenn stays but so does Bridge. I think the way Bridge has played, may change the possible original plan for Sk with attempting to get Franklin.
HAM: agree Masoli is now front runner, still think any CFL team makes big mistake with Manziel

Mtl: Only place for Collaras to go. Durant takes pay cut to stay in the league and remains with MTL.

Wrong Brandon

On a side not, if the CFL adopts a Canadian QB as part of the ratio then Bridge and Buckley become very hot property.

"Wrong Brandon

On a side not, if the CFL adopts a Canadian QB as part of the ratio then Bridge and Buckley become very hot property."

Totally agree. I think that would be one thing the new commissioner would like to do. Ratio busters for sure!

Oops, wrong Brandon indeed. :-[

It is, of course, Brandon Bridge I was thinking of. Let's hope for the sake of the announcers (and me), that those two never end up on the same team. ;D

I don't see it happening because (a) it would create an unlevel playing field since there are nowhere near enough CFL-ready Cdn QBs, and (b) it would artificially inflate two guys' salaries, and (c) teams that don't already have Cdn QBs (i.e. all but two of the teams) would be fiercely opposed.

I can't see Lulay leaving BC, so either sticks around as the backup for another season or retires and becomes BC's QB Coach and Head Coach in waiting.

Franklin - I think the Riders will go after him, but the wild card could be Edmonton moving on from Reilly (and Bowman's contract as well I would think). Glenn finishing his career as Franklin's backup would allow Glenn to play for every single Canadian CFL. Kind of messed up when you think about it.

Bridge - Either stays in Riderville or heads home to Toronto.

Masoli - Stays in Hamilton, and ends up losing the #1 spot to Manziel next season.

Collaros - Toronto or Montreal.

Durant retires or ends to Winnipeg to backup Nichols. He really needs to expect a massive pay cut coming his way. I'm hoping Reed isn't dumb enough to keep Durant and his bloated contract in Montreal.

Keep in my that this is all just my opinion, but I think it does make a good discussion.

That would make too much sense.

Hopefully for us Als fans, Reed will not even be there to consider DD and the bloated contract.
But if there is any truth to the article from the Montreal Gazette yesterday, Reed could very well be back next season.

Based on his messed up season thus far in Montreal - Dari Durant's value as a CFL backup is either "Pass" or "Under $140k + performance bonuses".Signing DD Shotputz at anything over $200k is pure folly - but then again, some idiot out east is still paying Poo Willy over $350k for bupkiss!

Nobody is paying Willy $350,000. He was cut from Toronto. He was not under contract after being cut and was left unsigned for over a month. His contract from Winnipeg, picked up by Toronto became void.
Then Montreal signed him as a #3 and you can bet his contract is nowhere near $350,000.

I can't see any team investing $500,000 in Collaros. He's not a FA..been on the trade market for awhile. The trade deadline has now past. So Hammy may just cut him. Letting him be free to sign anywhere at a reduced number.

Surprised dcmoses didn't use this as an opportunity to take a snipe at Rod Black and ask if you were related to him. Hehehe

This is interesting...........

For me the biggest FA and which will involve a bidding war will be for James Franklin as a sure bet first stringer with very high end dollars on a multi year contract.
Likely involving two front runners as my Argos and Montreal, you can even possibly involve Hamilton and Saskatchewan.

Question is , when will BLM be off to the NFL ?

Not sure what his contract is, but there is water cooler talk, he would love to be back home in Houston.

If there's any hint of BLM heading south you can bet your bippy Huff will purchase a paddle in the James Franklin auction!

Down side of BLM is he's barely 6'0", and while he's amazing at going thru all his reads to find open men - and he's well above average bouncing off a hot pocket he may not have the power/strength in his arm to hit those tight 8 to 15 yard windows that successful NFL QBs have to hit. He'd be a superior backup in most organizations to be sure. Backing up Rodgers would be his best bet - other than arm strength pretty similar styles - Packers wouldn't have to change their playbook if BLM entered a game!

BLM has already stated he wants to stay in Calgary.

It would be crazy to trade Collaros without seeing what he can do with a reset team.

If they do that, I'm giving up my tickets for a year.

Is Masoli a free agent? If so the Ticats are not going to give him a big contract when they have Collaros collecting a big salary.
They may not have a choice but to let Masoli go and hope that Collaros regains his form.

I can't see Hamilton going into next year with Collaros, Masoli and Manziel. Sombody is going to end up in Toronto.