QBs & Buono

Read in the Province this morning that Buono is going to give both QBs shit in a couple of days on their attitudes last Saturday...when he lets them know which one of them is starting in the Western Final.

He also said that he has been having discussions with the offensive coaches...I hope some of that discussion is going to be in regards to changing the offensive scheme for the Final, because I really believe, that if it doesn't change, the Leos will not reach the Grey Cup.

I sure hope that he starts the right QB, who in my eyes is Dickenson. I am sorry but Casey has had 2 good games this year compared (against 2 POOR D's) to Dave's 11. You can't win with a QB who hasn't thrown a TD in his last two starts. I am sorry but it has to be Dave starting as he is 11-1 as a starter compared to Casey who is 1-5. Casey has even been quoted as saying this is Dave's team. Please Wally do the right thing and start Dave, you have to go with the guy who got you there.

Part of the problem regarding CP not throwing a TD is that we have played the toughest teams in the league in the last few games, and each of those teams has our offensive scheme figured out. We need to change the scheme if we are going to have any chance of winning next Sunday...whoever we end up playing.

Why does everyone make excuses for Casey?? Face it, he's having a BAD year and SHOULD NOT start the Western Final. I am so sick of everyone defending Casey and bashing Dave. Dave has been the better QB this year. If Casey starts the Lions don't deserve to win. Just look at his record.

I'm not bashing DD, however, at the same time, I don't have a blindspot with CP either, though you do seem to have a blindspot when it comes to DD.

Yes, CP has had a bad year (relatively), but so have most of the other QBs in the league, and CP's bad year is a good year for other QBs (other than Allen).

Let's remember how many times DD got sacked this year...and it was not all the O-line's fault. DD has a high efficiency rate for one main reason...he holds on to the ball unless it's a sure thing, whereas CP would rather dump the ball than get sacked.

Does CP have his problems? Yes he does. One of the biggest is his lack of confidence in reading the defenses. Can he be a bit of a baby? Sure he can, but DD hasn't exactly been all grown up either lately.

Each QB has his strengths & weaknesses, and each QB will be more or less effective, depending on whom we face in the Western Final. However, irregardless of which team we face in the final, the offensive scheme must change, otherwise whoever we face will tear us apart.

Ok buono lets make your dession on who is starting please, who is know going to west final? after edmonton won today.