QB's 2017

So who is going where.
Durant- I hear is having contract problems
Burris- The league hates me and if I don't start next year I am taking my ball home.
Franklin- Rumour is, Jones wants him. Or is Jake Waters the future.
Montreal QB's - Who knows.
Ricky Ray- retire??
Winnipeg- Does Nichols sign??
Collaras- Goes unhurt for a season?

Sask: Durant resigns with Riders, both want it Plus not other option on team.
Ottawa: Burris will be backing up Harris in Ottawa, Maybe Burris goes to Toronto out of desperation for both sides
Edmonton: Reilly's team. Franklin is still unproven, signed for 1 more year. stays in Edmonton
Montreal: Same QB's they have now
Toronto: Ricky Ray Retires, possibly sign Burris to retain Senior citizen Quota
Winnipeg: Resigns Nichols
Calgary: Mitchel either this year or next year takes a shot at NFL. Tate moves back into starter role
Hamilton: Collaros has bounce back year
BC: Jennings team. Lulay possibly gets attention from Montreal or Toronto

While I guess anything is possible, it is worth pointing out that Mitchell is signed through the 2018 season and has publicly said he intends to honour his contract. So if he tries for the NFL, it will be after two more seasons with the Stampeders.

Yeah I hope Mitchell stays long term but I cannot imagine him not going NFL after his contract is done. I personally think he'll be a highly sought after free agent by several clubs down there. He'll only be 28 and highly polished. Same age as Warren Moon was when he made the move actually. Probably end up back in Texas as well. With 4 rings.

I think we will see Calgary start bringing in some QBs to groom. Maybe Dickenson is correct when he says Canadian QB Buckley is pro calibre. This is a great CFL franchise.

Montreal could use a Burris or Durant to tech their younger guns.

Durant is a possibility if he becomes a FA. Desjardins won't release or trade Burris.

Nothing will happen until the Coaching, management musical chair is done.

..if Burris and Harris are fine with it (which I think they currently are) they'll tag-team their way to try to get to GC2017...I don't think either one of them is going anywhere soon...

What are the chances Toronto is looking for a NFL guy to come up.

Hard to say what the Argos will do. Ray is done. Willy is NOT the answer. Fajardo looked really good when he went in until he got hurt. NFL rejects don't work. I would love to see our own young guy take over like Jennings did in BC.

LeFevour was TOR’s best QB, won his last game against HAM, before being unceremoniously dumped after been given the game ball in the Dressing room the day they acquired Willy. :roll:
They went 0 - 7 to finish the season after that game.
LeFevour is now a FA. I would welcome him back to HAM no probs!

The Burris situation will be an interesting one. Having delivered the Grey Cup for the Redblacks and being a big fan favourite makes it difficult for them to let him walk. Plus I think he does some offseason work on a morning TV show or something in Ottawa and has made it his home so he may not be too keen on uprooting that himself. Ideal scenario for the Redblacks may be for him to decide to retire, but they were able to make it work this season s maybe they can make it two.

Wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that Ray will retire and move into coaching. There was some talk on TSN I think he may end up as a QB coach with the Als but I'm not sure why they would need to do that with AC on staff already, unless whoever they hire as GM decides to clean house on the coaching staff.

Durant situation is also interesting. Jones has already shown he doesn't have the same loyalty to the longtime Rider players that preceded his hiring and he doesn't seem like a guy that would tolerate anyone else in the organization trying to pressure him to sign anyone he doesn't want, especially if it's not at the price he wants. Situation could go either way with him.

While respect LeFevour's skill, if he went back to Hamilton, he would be shunted down to 3rd string. With Collaros getting in an actual training camp and pre-season, he should bounce back big time, while Masoli is a solid number two, unless somebody somewhere else wants him as a starter...

During the week to Grey Cup, someone (Lawless?) claimed that Burris has an "out" in his contract if he wants to leave. I don't recall that being the case though.

Still. He has a home in Ottawa and is in tight with the organization and the community. If he wanted to keep playing, unless it's for huge money and a guaranteed starting spot (is there even such a thing?) why would he want to start over?

I think the severity of his injury dictates. If he's able to return in time for camp, he will, as the back-up. If he gets told he won't be ready until August or something, he stays home.

And I've said this before; If there's a QB controversy, it'll be in 2017. I didn't think there would be one in 2016 because most fans here didn't really know what Harris could bring to the table. But if Harris starts in 2017 and has a couple of bad games in a row and the Grey Cup MVP is sitting on that bench...

Totally agree LeFevour was the Argos best QB. It might be one reason Milo will be let go. He was so stubborn when it came to his QBs. It will be an interesting off season for QBs. Who knew that Montreal might be the most stable at QB in the east!

LeFevour reminds me a little of Matt Nichols. He just won't go away! Stick with it long enough and you'll find a place to play.

I predict, (for no apparent reason :wink: )

Durant signs in TOR
Franklin is traded to SSK
Nichols stays in WPG
Ray to MTL with Milanovich, forfeit coach compensation

With Burris's leg problem I see Harris start the year . Burris will have his contract incentive packed for the year depending on what he does and how is health is going forward but they will not cast him aside he is too much of a positive force for the team . Harris and Burris get along as well and will have 2017 as an opportunity to win it at home .

I think 2018 they bring in someone new to back up Harris possibly a young up and comer . I think Burris has one more year left in his body even if it's only as a back up .

I think Burris will think otherwise about that.

I think/hope Durant ends up in Toronto too . . . and can then stay healthy. I also agree that Ray would be a good fit with the Als as a part-time starter and part-time injured QB coach.

I'm not sure if the Esks are likely to trade Franklin to Regina after the way Jones left last season.

I also think Lulay ends up somewhere else . . . Toronto? Montreal? Regina? . . . not sure.

I guess I give Hank credit for winning and also give him credit knowing his next job is to make sure the torch is passed without a drop . I think he is now thinking of his future but has one more year left in the gas tank ( I hope ) .

He will be number one again next year if Harris falters or is injured he already agreed on that last year and he is a man of his word . I think he would want a little cash for his troubles though if he brings them a another cup which is only fair in 2017 . I say they keep him on in 2018 in some capacity other than playing and retire his number IMO .

If he had not won the Grey Cup and the MVP, I think he would definitely hang around for one more year but he should probably retire now or come back next year as the backup. Ottawa has a lot of salary tied up in three players, Burris, Harris and Chris Williams.