QBing and Recieving Corps - '08

If the Esks have anything definite for next year, I think we're definitely good in those areas.

Ray will be healthy again, and LeFors is a capable backup.

For receivers: Tucker, Peterson and Acree as 1/2/3, with an interesting TC battle between Nowacki/Stamps/Maurice Mann/McCarty/new imports/NIs for the 4th spot and the chance to come in on 5 and 6 reciever sets. I think Gaylor ought to be good as gone,even DM and co. finally lost patience and benched him the last few games.

What do Esks (or CFL in general) fans think of that analysis? (Just doing my part to keep the Esks forum here alive...)

IMO Edmonton has to upgrade their receiver position big time. Tucker has been a go to guy but I think he's lost a step, but could still be effective with another good guy opposite him. Mann could be the guy as he looked good late in the season, but I think Edmonton will go hard after Dominguez. Peterson and Nowacki make a good Canadian combo for one position. Acree is ok but the rest of the WR import positions need upgrading. Weakest group in the West IMO.

Sadly, Tucker missed a few games due to injury, and limped through a few more, which explains his lower numbers.

With Peterson/Nowacki, I think Edmonton needs to send Peterson on the intermediate routes, and have Nowacki mainly for short yards catches (he seems the best suited for that).

Of course, the Eskimo playbook needs to get more of the intermediate and deep plays back into the playbook, and utlize Ebell both as the RB, and as a SB receiver catching screens and shovels out of the backfield.

You know, I stuck up for Gaylor a little bit this season, maybe hoping he'd finally have a good season. But that didn't happen. And if he can't get it done after this long, lets give some of the younger guys a chance.

As long as Tucker and Ray are both healthy, I'm sure they'll continue to tear it up.

I thought Acree was looking decent, but he was hit with an injury, so we don't really know what he can do just yet. Nowacki's numbers weren't great, either.

It looks like our two best WR's are Tucker and Peterson. The other guys need to step it up.

I completely agree with this. We need to start using Ebell like a RB, and we need to get the deep passes back.

always gotta make an excuse for Tucker huh?

please guys. the receiving core for the Esks is not great.

Peterson had 1 good year, so what?

the rest, are above average to average receivers.

Don’t you have somewhere else to be?

Good job of the Eskies "locking" up Ray for 4 years.

Yes, management managed to make one of its very few smart decisions in keeping Ray. And with LeFors showing positive development, we look good at the pivot position. I don't know how Worman's promotion will work out, but if he had a big part in LeFors's having his breakout game near the end of the season, then there is hope. PROVIDED he is left to run the offence himself, no meddling Maciocia interfering where he shouldn't ala Jim Popp.

I think if they groom Lefors like the Lions groomed Pierce and Jackson, you should be able to develop a good 1-2 punch at QB.

I was thinking the same thing myself. I'm willing to give him a shot, see what happens.

You also have to consider that it could have been worse: we might have hired that Bellefeuille guy.... :oops:

I feel bad for Hamilton... Just when things were starting to look good. :lol: