Ok.... Now that the crew of the good ship has started to plug the holes & the sinking has stopped (for now at least), what's going to happen in the QB department? The Boatmen still list KJ, CP & SR on the roster & I haven't heard about any possible transactions that will land a new QB for Toronto. Has anyone else heard anything?

Nope just speculation. I won't be surprised if Jarious Jackson is an Argo in the near future. So I'll say Jackson as started in 2010.

I do not think that Wally B would appreciate you calling him an idiot??? The idea that he would consider going into the 2010 season with no backup behind the delicate injury prone Printers :twisted: Buck is to risky to consider as a backup because of his concussion issues, they may still keep him but need JJ. Lulay has no record of even throwing the ball, third string at best, the others have no record. JJ is not going anywhere, trust me.

Now that the mess at QB is clear with releasing KJ and Picket, the big task lies ahead.
By hopefully trading for McPherson and picking up whomever is released in BC.
That is short term, the long term project of developing a young QB is required and the state of this big task falls upon Rita and Mohns.
Hopefully Barker will address.

The Argos won't go anywhere unless they get a quality QB. And Buck "ice on my shoulder" Pierce is not the answer. Is MacPherson the answer, if he can be aquired in a trade? Who knows. It will be interesting to see what Barker has up his sleeve. He said today that they have a plan, and that an announcement will come sometime this month. I'm thinking trade, or the signing of an NFL castoff. Jeff Garcia?

isn't Garcia too old?

Argos fan here, new to the board.

I like the idea of Jeff Garcia. He's not too old, he was good in his last full season with the Bucs. He has a couple years of good football left, he's still mobile, and he's one of the toughest quarterbacks out there.

So let's look at our options...
Gibran Hamdan
Jeff Garcia
Jarious Jackson
Buck Pierce
Adrian McPherson
Michael Bishop

Who else? I'm also a Bills fan, as I watch both NFL and CFL, so I've seen Hamdan play. He might not be a bad CFL option, it'll be interesting to see, as the Argos have expressed interest. We might also wait until the beginning of May, after the NFL draft, when some of the college quarterbacks become available.

Yeah, Picket & Joseph are now gone!... (ya, I wasn't online for a couple of days so I just read about it). I like:

  • Adrian McPherson
  • Jason Maas (vet back-up type position)

I don't like Bucky boy... You never know if he'll be conscious from one minute to the next.

But in all honesty I think it's real likely that we'll see an NFL cast off come our way... & as long as he can hit his target, that's fine by me.

Ok so now the ARGO's don't have any QB's on the roster, maybe Barker has a new offense, All-day wildcat? I still think Jackson is going to be an Argo.

Just in case no one caught the news, Bishop is available! :slight_smile:

My bet is that he is going down the road to retirement, I just don't see anyone else wanting a shot with Mr. Turnover.

ugo, does Jackson come to Toronto via trade or as a FA? I can see both he & Pierce being released due to cap reasons.

McPherson is in all likelihood not coming to Toronto: http://communities.canada.com/MONTREALG … ronto.aspx

I think Jackson would have to be a trade. I could see them release Pierce if the can't trade Jackson. Either way the media here (Toronto) is going to have a field day with a BC QB coming to Toronto. I keep hearing about Hadman coming up as well. Not sure if that is the answer, seen him play in Buffalo (pre-season) not sure he is starting material here but maybe as a back-up, but then they would be paying a lot for an unproven backup.

Would like to see a Canadian Kid as third string, development project.

My gut tells me that we will be seeing Bishop back in Toronto. I’d welcome him back. He got a raw deal when Toronto brought Joseph into the mix. Bishop deserved the starting QB job back then IMO.

I'm with you on Bishop, I'm a big Bishop fan. There aren't too many out there with his inconsistency, but he's just too ahtletically gifted to keep off the field. I'd bring him in.

Bishop is the last thing you guys need rebuild start fresh and find a young promising QB that can lead you guys in 2 or 3 seasons. Bishop had a good record with you guys afew years back but that was because of a great D.

I would bet the argos bring in a couple nfl guys.. such as the buffalo bills qb that was mentioned, maybe even jp lohshman, garcia has said he has no interest in returning to the cfl, and why would he. he's a millionaire and then some. No need.

argos have alot of draft picks tho, wouldnt be surprised to see some of them moved to bc for a pierce jackson or printers (take your pick, cuz it wont be more than 1 of them)..

i could also see the argos bringing in the nfl castaways aswell as.. because they have so many draft picks, taking a canadian qb in the draft aswell. Who knows.

Losman has a chance to be the starter in Oakland next year, he won't be in the CFL any time soon. If anything, he'd go back to the UFL, where he led his team to a championship in the league's first year in existence.

For marketing purposes I think you're right. Jackson or Printers (me thinks Jackson), NFL Cast off, draft a Canadian QB.

I'll tell you guys what, if you want to intensify the Hamilton rivalry, see if you can get your hands on Casey Printers.