cassey played ok on 3 days practice and bad o line,also lots of dropped balls again for him.

hey at least Marcel did sign Printers, our only glimmer of hope for the future.
If he had signed him in the off-season(not in the thick of a losing season) we'd all be jumping for joy. I can't say I agree with many of Marcel's decisions though.

marcel had nothing to do with getting printers...that was all bob's wallet.

Marcel had everything to do with it by managing the cap as he did.

where red and hold up fire taafe sign im goin do it its my protest hope more join. fire o'nei,fire working.my signs anyone want to join have a red out at the stadium to show management we want our team back soon.

wow your right. great cap management. were the New England Patriots of the CFL, right? all the best players, and still loads of money. You know the difference between us and the Patriots? they win ball games. the way this team performs the players should get payed by peanuts, and we should still have every cent of that cap, except for printers, lumsden and moreno of course.

...and Cody, McKay, Armour and Curry

This is so typical of Tiger-Cats fans. Put the blame on everybody but the players. When are players going to start being held accountable for their terrible play week in and week out. Except for a dozen or so players, the rest have underachieved and have made the whole team look bad. The organization is strong they just need a little more time.

i agree it's coaching and players, both are horrible. we need a new fresh start every where.

I think a change is imminent on the offensive side of the ball before the year is out!